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  • easyesteemer easyesteemer Aug 20, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Nice little spike here

    Probably fizzle by the end of the day but nice right now. Sorry to interrupt the clueless political banter.

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    • Easy, a nice little spike, to me at least, would be a 10 cent jump up in share price, but there's no chance in hell of that happening when is CEO hiding out, instead of coming out and endorsing his own product(s).
      And as long as Gary remains the CEO, it'll be nightmare time for the rest of us, especially those with AMD & SMD.
      And the really sad and tragic part of all this are the folks with advanced AMD & SMD, whom if left untreated for another year or two will become untreatable. And while all this is going on Gary continues with his WS games, making this all the more despicable and immoral. Does working on Wall Street cause people to lose their moral compass? I am beginning think it does.

    • has quite a ways to go. pps has been killed this past month. Now ( after traders drove pps down) we wait for news from the company. Might be a very long wait. Seems to be .015 per month decline in pps.