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  • ccf11777 ccf11777 Aug 20, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    the seeking alpha scam article

    It appears you lied in your article on Monday about ACTC . You stated that their blastomere procedure destroyed the embryo; when in fact they ACTUALLY named their PROCEDURE
    NEDS no embryo destruction. Further I take issue with that sloppy disclaimer, that you do no trading on the stock for 72 hours. Well that I assume includes your family , friends, busness associates, etc, and in 72 hours you could have caused many people to sell with your lies and your fear tactics, as the price went way down, congratulations on manipulating the market. I can assure you this info will be passed onto the proper authorities, for stock manipulation. Furhther you conviently left out the fact that the extra 1 billion shares are AUTHORIZED not ISSUED, ommission and lies all the same. At a 100 to 1 reverse split that would be 270 million o/s shares, and IF the authorized becomes issued a grand total of 370 million. A very smart idea to sell those extra shares to finance the company in case big pharma tries to steal the company. I fully expect to see a retraction of your bold face lie about embryo destruction and a more detailed and forthright correction and explanation about the above issues. I believe you know in October, as was mentioned in the last 1/4 conf call that they are going to publish medical history and you and your partners are looking to buy shares cheap and manipulate the stock, this is clearly illegal. Although you are also implying that ACTC is misleading and lying about NEDS if this is true you should report them to the SEC, OBVIOUSLY one of you 2 r lying.