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  • mr.k2626 mr.k2626 Aug 25, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Here is a recent abstract discussing ACTC's trial!

    Here is a recent abstract on AMD which sites ACTC's Clinical Trial, this is what is said,

    Future directions of stem cell therapy in AMD
    Perhaps among the most promising clinical stem cell study to date is a very small Phase I clinical trial in treatment of AMD with transplant of hESC-RPEs (NCT01344993). These patients received a cellular suspension graft of 99% purified hESC-RPEs injected into the subretinal space. Four months following transplant, neither patient showed formation of teratoma or tumor at the site of injection and both reported improved visual acuity, although placebo effect has not been assessed. This trial utilized minimum cell numbers in transplant which has been shown to reduce likelihood of teratoma formation and also secured an extraordinarily high level of hESC-RPE purity, thus reducing the possibility of aberrant differentiation of cells that had retained pluripotency. Results from this small clinical experiment are to be met with conservative enthusiasm, given the very limited sample size and modest benefit. At this time, the trial will be expanded to a greater cohort of patients, with the results anticipated in January/June 2013. This open-label Phase I/II trial seeks to determine the safety and tolerability of this procedure and represents one of the first clinical trials involving the use of stem cell transplant in treatment of macular dystrophy and related retinopathies [134].