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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Aug 27, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    O/T- A Line IN The Sand

    And now must we save face,, The President drew the line and now are many folks going to die to save his arrogant a*s*s,,
    Stay Out,,
    No way in hell would I let my son go to some place like that,,
    Why is this a danger to the United States and if his sorry a*s*s has waited this long, then he can wait longer and let the PEOPLE decide what to do (congress) ( we are fked in all ways as we have the dumbest fkin people on earth leading this country),, anyway, Obama needs to be stopped,, Our security is not being threatened, and you can bet, that if he attacks, then we are going to be in danger of terrorist striking here,,

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    • craigs-

      Can you not say the exact same thing with regard to each and every of your Presidents, save for perhaps Mr. Lincoln, though Mr. Lincoln's issue was domestic?

      When has any foreign national state, entity, force, etc. presented any true and bona fide threat to your Constitution and all your Constitution represents?

      If your answers to the first question is yes and none to the second (which they should be), why is your diatribe specific to Mr. Obama? Should not your diatribe center on the U.S. in general as opposed to Mr. Obama as he is not unique in his means, methods, strategies, tactics, goals, objectives, etc.?

      You might should reflect on Mr. Eisenhower's last public speech as President.

      (Myopia is the product of pundit media, and great sport. Trouble is, sometimes you need to see the larger circumstance.)


    • Is dictator Craig at it again?if I was your son and was told what to do and how high to jump for the approval for you/my father to love me ?and he supplied me with a personal credit card a vehicle to drive at 24 years old with no responsibilities other than waiting on my old man to croak for the life achievements that he achieved according to him I have no future so why should I even try? who wouldn't pretend to respect you in a drunken high or pot enduced mental state for acceptance.I bet 100,000 dollars the military would reject the little pansy just because he has Palmolive hands not knowing a days work in his pansy little 24 years of life,dude you need to slow your role buddy this country is in some deep #$%$ if every father in America is a Craig.....Hell our grandfathers had ten years of hard farm work experience before they hit puberty.. no wonder we won the war pure determination and grit not to ever give up or fail I'm sure glad that I was raised the same way and not the son of a pansy like some.are ............Right,Paw.Paw?.............LMAO

      Cheers....Joe Blowe87..............WOLF!!!!!!!!WOLF!

    • Agree. Stay out.

    • Bump for sanity and where the hell is Elk,,

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      • Bump for sanity and where the hell is Elk,, C"

        As I said earlier, craig:


        Re: "lybia, egyt, syria, iran, how's that going?"

        bec, I am surprised you, muzzz, craig, suretowin, etc., seem to be quite wary and pessimistic about these current problems in the Middle East.

        Our great leaders of the recent past have already shown us the way, most recently Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Perles/Kristol have made it clear that US power is virtually invincible. And even before this new century began Reagan had shown us that Grenada could not stand up to us and George HW quickly followed up to show that even Panama could not stand against us, either.

        You forget, bec, how dark it looked when Bush/Cheney were forced to lead us into the invasion of Afghanistan. Yet we very, very quickly had Osama bin Laden encircled and totally surrounded in Tora Bora. Then it looked very dark again just because, for no sensible reason, we let him walk away, right under our eyes, and into Pakistan.

        But we made up for that folly immediately by turning around and invading Iraq, even though we had no reason for doing so. Still, with great vigor we forged ahead and cleverly made up a bunch of reasons that sounded good enough, especially when they referred to WMDs and also came in packages with stacks of $US money. And as Bush/Cheney indicated we had the power and we let them have it with "Shock and Awe."

        Now you remember and won't despair because no matter how bad it may look in the Middle East we know we can do it again. And as we have in the past we will celebrate great victory again. Don't forget, it was not that long after we let them have it with "Shock and Awe" in Iraq that we were sitting pretty and celebrating another great victory on May 1, 2003 with "Mission Accomplished."

        Don't wallow in doubt or despair, guys, we can do it again.

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    • Over 100,000 killed and now we're outraged.

    • He needs to play some bball and get hit in the head with the ball to think a little more,,

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