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  • binnieo binnieo Aug 31, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    If you haven't read my copy and paste from the ihub post; it's worth your time...

    The post was very long but so helpful to understand what is going on with ACTC and the future actions the company will take. If you are serious about this company please read and share. Thanks.
    ps: now how you are going to share, dunno, it was a real #$%$ to copy and paste!

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    • Binnieo
      I would also like to offer my thanks for your efforts and the time you devoted to this endevor! I wish more of the folks involved with ACTC were so inclined!

      I will say I believe the key inflection points in the near future are going to be:

      A. The planned release of the synopsis of the Peer Review Paper, then the following.

      1. Release of the OAB's determination on the phase 2 trial designs.
      2. Release of the prelimenary data on the 2A Cohort results
      3. Release of more details on the other cohorts 1, 2 and 3
      4. Determination cohort 4 is eliminated.
      5. The vote for all of the provisions requested at the shareholders meeting.
      6. The release of the Peer Reviewed Abstract.
      7. Resolution of the SEC matters and the Law suits completely.
      All of this will happen before Christmas!

      Just my opinion!

    • binnieo,
      thank you for time and effort . Great job. Read it twice and will read it a few more times before the weekend is over. I am very serious about this company and really believe that they (ACTC) has a cure for AMD and SMD. Hopefully moving forward Gary and gang can get it together and make ACTC major player in new future of medicine (Stem Cells). Of course I would like to see them not do RS and stick with OS currently existing and wishing that the announcements you mention would be strong enough to get us to $4.00 a share, allowing us to up list. Hopefully the RS will not be so high! October! October! October! Oh Boy! Thanks again!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy