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  • keep_investing keep_investing Sep 9, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    How low will it go before Oct 22nd?

    4 cents? And if the annual shareholders meeting dosen't produce anything worth while, then we could be done.

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    • 3 cents then drop under 2 on the 23rd...

    • You could be right Keep. I hope not, but hope has been a useless thus far. Just got a remember that the market has way more patience than the average stock investor. They beat a stock down for months and then beat it down some more. Wears ya out watching this thing on a daily basis. What else can you do, but hang on at this point. Ya know that as soon as you sell this it's going to go up. Just the nature of the penny stock beast. I've made up my that I'm going to outlast em, or go down the tubes with em.

    • Keep - I think you are probably for real...that's why I have not ignored you and am replying. I think the science is real, I think Dr Lanza is not lying nor Dr Schwartz about patients. Hell, I even put a patient's quote up for you. If you want immediate payoffs and run ups then you should HAVE NEVER put your money in a penny stock nor ANY biotech doing research to bring anything to market!!! It takes even big pharma years and years and a billion dollars to do it. Maybe you are being unrealistic about this company. It is a long term play with the chance of it not making it. The results so far are outstanding are you thinking their interviews, etc... are fraudulent? Do you not think they could get prison time for things like that? Either try to sell and move on or grow some gonads, be patient, and try to find DD to post here! Start googling and reading. Amen.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • See how dumb you are 'keep' ? The company does not have anything to do with "produce" . Try ConAgra , Heinz , etc . Wrong MB 'keep' !!

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