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  • fred.daniels85 fred.daniels85 Sep 12, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    the news releases will begin very soon, and the price will go up

    substatially, and they won't ever come down again. This is a human first, and the re are no safety risks and the efficacy is there in 24 of 26 patients; when the report is written and it will be in about 3 weeks , if you don't own a boat load you will be sorry. .45 cents will be joke it will surpass a dollar even with the big float as this is a 55 billion dollar market and we are at least 2 years ahead of antone, assuming they have the goods, we know we do. I have many shares at 2 cents and a chunk at 8 , moreover my friends and I own double digit million and will never sell till it gets past $ 20.00
    dollars, even if it take the two more years, no sense in it, the stuff works and it's safe, when the announcements and the published word is out it will spread like wildfire. The stopping of the disease
    is a whopping 24 out of 26 , and they just injected 5 more. In addition if the new injectees show the same efficacy, at a start point of 20/40 it will pass $ 2.00 dollars easily. We will be on the fast track and will benefit fro the orphan drug status, the rest of the bashing on this board and the manipulation of the stock price now is only nonsense , as for me it is a chance to load up even more. I often wonder if my group owns over 30 million shares and there are only 2.7 billion out ther and there are 46,000 shareholders, hmmmmmmmm the 46,000 don't have to own that many to equal the float, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'd say the naked shorts are freaking out.

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