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  • mr.k2626 mr.k2626 Sep 16, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    Found some information!

    On the Willis Eye Hospital site, about Dr. Regillo,

    New and Emerging Therapies in the Management of Age Related Macular Degeneration Symposium
    Academic Event
    Event Date:
    16 Nov 2013 - 6:00am - 8:30am
    Program Chair: Carl D. Regillo, MD

    This is in New Orleans!
    I would expect he will have something to say about ACTC!!!
    This is great timing!

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    • Dr Rosenfeld will also be attending this conference!!! November !!!

    • bump above the normal mb stuff.

    • Re: Found some information!

      Will they be serving free bear claw pastries ?

      : )

    • Thanks Mr K. Going to New Orleans at 4:00 today, maybe I'll get an advance seat.

    • That's a night program...Hmmm, usually paid for by Pharma; not to say this one is but it's usually something interesting to get the MDs to go(besides food, ha). I wonder if this Meeting will have a synopsis of what Dr Regillo is presenting on their conference site? Sometimes they do. My Hubby is a doctor and we go to conferences for his CEUs. This close to the date they might actually have more online about it. Dunno, I'll dig a bit too. Thanks.

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      • Nope, cant find anything except that it is their annual meeting, which is more scientific. Scientists, doctors, residents come from all over the world to these conferences to present and get the latest research news. Also, their CEUs for American doctors. You have to log in to get more info at the conference site, and unfortunately, my Hubby is not an Opthalmologist. So, just dont know what Regillo is presenting exactly. But wish I did have the syllabus!

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      • Binnieo,
        Yes this is great timing considering everything else!
        I found a article with Regillo commenting on the trial as well from June!

        A Man With Vision
        Carl D. Regillo, MD, chief of the Wills Eye Institute Retina Service, is a man with a mission. He’s taking on the number-one cause of severe vision loss in patients over 60: macular degeneration.
        “Vision as a sense is highly valued,” Dr. Regillo says. “In general, people fear death as their number-one medical fear, and number two is losing their vision. We’re in a charged, anxious area when people have vision problems.”
        Some degree of macular degeneration affects 11 million Americans, with many more to come. “It’s a huge public health risk as the elderly population expands,” he says.
        There are two types of macular degeneration. Wet degeneration, which involves the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the eye, is now highly treatable if caught early. Dry degeneration is characterized by the slow, gradual drop-off of visual cells in the central retina or macula. In its advanced stages, patients lose their central vision.
        “We still have a major frontier to tackle in terms of treating dry degeneration,” says Dr. Regillo. “It’s a hot area of research, and at Wills Eye we have a large clinical trial under way.”
        A breakthrough treatment developed at Wills was announced late last year. A team led by Dr. Regillo injected a patient’s eye with between 50,000 and 200,000 retinal pigment epithelial cells, derived from a line of human embryonic stem cells. After the procedure, the patient recovered uneventfully.