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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Sep 17, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    I know the ignoramus, hypocrite, sycophants love Warren Buffett but will they love him now? Does this make Warren a racist?

    Warren Buffett: Scrap ObamaCare and Start Over
    By Jeffrey H. Anderson, The Weekly Standard

    You know things are bad for President Obama when even Warren Buffett has soured on Obamacare and says that "we need something else." Money Morning writes:

    "Healthcare costs in the United States are like a tapeworm eating at our economic body.

    "Those words come from famed investor Warren Buffett, who said he would scrap Obamacare and start all over.

    "'We have a health system that, in terms of costs, is really out of control,' he added. 'And if you take this line and you project what has been happening into the future, we will get less and less competitive. So we need something else.'

    "Buffett insists that without changes to Obamacare average citizens will suffer.

    "'What we have now is untenable over time,' said Buffett, an early supporter of President Obama. 'That kind of a cost compared to the rest of the world is really like a tapeworm eating, you know, at our economic body.'

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