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  • godfreydaniel36 godfreydaniel36 Sep 18, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    We'd all(well, many) love to be on that ...

    super highway leading to the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. Me, at 77, as much as anyone! These trials will just have to play out at their own pace and we need to be more patient then we like.

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    • Daniel, we have all been extremely patient, but this current proxy call adding 1B more shares to the dilution cesspool, especially after Gary said that the $35M Lincoln would carry them through is the last straw. I believe Gary wants these additional shares to enrich himself and his cronies(BOD) before releasing the good news about the trials. I know that this sounds a bit diabolical, but I wouldn't put anything past Gary, especially after he sold 11M shares, many during the first RS attempt, then tried hiding it by not filing or incorrectly filing his Form 4's regarding these stock sells.