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  • stevelissner stevelissner Sep 27, 2013 2:58 AM Flag

    What kind of trainwreck is this actc board

    What a mess

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    • Welcome to the ACTC board. Hopefully you can help make this board more useful. Unfortunately, the political commentary dominates the board, along with the daily whining about the CEO. The CEO really is not the type of individual that I personally would like to see in the position but the redundant commentary gets old fast. Every point that can be made has been made. Regurgitating it just dilutes the message IMO.

      I still believe there is money to be made in this stock. I believe in the science (Dr. Lanza) and I believe there are real MAJOR medical breakthroughs that can be realized. The company has made some disastrous decisions relative to financing. I believe the proposed R/S is badly needed by the company. I'm not in favor of the additional shares that are being proposed to be issued.

      That being said, the bottom line for me is that this is a classic high-risk/high-reward investment/gamble. My bet is that they will be successful. All IMHO.


    • Welcome to "The Zoo"
      just remember Do Not Feed The Animals!

    • Steve, you're not making things better, until you can offer something other than calling it a mess.

    • bunk550008 Sep 27, 2013 5:26 AM Flag

      Hey Steve! Fellow INO shareholder. Nice to see u on Actc board. I also have had Actc shares for 3 years. Let's clean this mess up. U have done a good job on INO's board. Do you own any Actc shares? At this point more upside than down. Couple big things coming for Actc and there's money to be made here. Ok have a good one