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  • krycap64 krycap64 Sep 30, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Can anyone summarize Ageis Meeting?

    What happened there and what discussed?

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    • News from Las Vegas. PART 3: Final thoughts and quotes.
      Here I have posted excerpts from Gary's presentation in the order they occurred. I left out some of the information that we are already aware of.

      ACT is looking at a dose of 100,000 to 150,000 cells as a treatment.

      "We can manufacture a 1/2 million doses a year in just our small lab." I'm not sure if he meant the existing lab or the soon to be completed renovated lab.

      Gary did a good job building up this little "Phase 1" company by talking about our partner doctors and the 4 of the 5 top eye hospitals doing our trials, the Vail Vitrectomy meeting where 3 of the 4 top eye doctors in the US gave presentations on the clinical trials they were doing with ACT, the Lancet, and said that "we are on the precipice with this opportunity of an absolute game changer."

      In talking about the trials success to date, "We know this is absolutely working." Read "absolutely."

      Gary talked about the gentleman rancher from Texas that had 20/400 vision and that "he hadn't been able to ride a horse in 9 years and now has 20/40 vision" and where before the treatment "he couldn't get on his horse he is now able to ride a horse today and he can drive a car."

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      • Dex, thanks for the update. If they can mnfg 500K doses in house then they are covered as they will never be treating more than 150K-200K patients a year. That is great news as we can be up & running when the time comes.

      • Dex, this all sounds good, but then why is the share price still hoovering between 6 & 7 cents? And why isn't it all over the news, about the Texas patient who went from 20/400 to 20/40?
        This dosen't make sense to hide all this supposedly great news, does it?

      • excellent--thx!

      • continued....
        "As an investor you will be looking to say does this company has something happening in the next several, 6, 9, or 12 months that I can measure and judge and the answer is YES!" Value inflection points I presume he is indicating.

        The follow-up after the phase 1 "will of course be published again and peer reviewed"

        "In the design of the phase 2 we are expecting to have multiple trials. One will show that we can stem the decline of the disease. In another trial we will design it to show improved acuity."

        All of the trials will be "value creating so that you can measure" results. I read JV.

        When Gary spoke about the INAD application he says that today the Veterinary market is almost $30 billion a year and is growing at almost 9% year.

        He said they are "working with lup

    • Probably the same thing as the Rodman pres. because there isn't a new presentation for Aegis on the website. Someone "reported" -I read it this morning here. More credible than the first guy but who knows?

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