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  • dexterdawson3 dexterdawson3 Oct 1, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    ACTC food for thought

    Let me ask you guys this... esp for those who say wait to buy, etc. Look at any of these stocks... take a most recent example, GERN which has more than doubled in a month. You could have made the same argument about this stock. "I don't believe it..." "Mgmt stinks..." "blah blah blah. Then BOOM SHALAK LAK BOOM! More than double. Why do you guys think that this can't happen to ACTC when they have better science that GERN? Food for thought!

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    • The difference with ACTC is its finances and legal issues. Some can make the argument that it really makes no difference how good ACTC does on any of its core objectives as long as the company is in jeopardy of being taken out. Until ACTC gets the SEC matter resolved and cleans its balance sheet I would not recommend buying shares. That’s what is so sad and frustrating about ACTC. Their management has been an utter failure and continues to be. Who would have thought Gary Rabin would have sold his shares without reporting doing so knowing all the baggage of the company. It would be bad enough under normal circumstances but with ACTC’s history, there are no words to describe the stupidity and incompetence. And the BOD stays silent on the subject, this company is the poster child for a company not deserving of its loyal shareholders.

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      • No one can argue that-simply if we make money-we can easily buy ourselves out of this mess. With cash you can pay off the SEC fine and not bother to argue about it and give the $14m to Aronson, etc. and tell them to never come back!!!!! P2 is going to take 6 months to design, forget the trials-we need approvals-now it's the NIH and the FDA-not the SEC!

    • Dex, Gern has started to go back down, and I've wonder why their share price is so much higher than ACTC's, especially when they quit their ESC spinal cord trials, and have has numerous cancer drug failures.
      It seems to me that Gerons management has been out ther pumping their stock, while ACT's guy has not.
      And this whole thing gets really bizzare, when as you said Gary talked about the 20/400 to 20/40 guy from Texas being able to now ride a horse and drive a car, why isn't this being broadcast all over the national news? I find this whole thing just mind numbing, don't you?

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      • I think Gary is waiting. I think we ARE going to see a PR blitz soon. Go to Russo Partners website,and see 'clients in the news' section. Russo has a long list of biotechs, including small stem cell biotechs, where they are out there pumping and PR-ing. This will happen with ACTC. I think Gary is waiting. It's just courtesy and right thing to do to first update your doctors (next week) and also send it to the journals (lancet, etc.) before you share everything and PR to the public. As a investigative doctor or journal person, I would not like it if the public got wind of stuff first. I think a PR wave is coming...

    • Of course it can happen at anytime. You even think about trying to time this stock you are going to lose. Dojo circus the JO thinks nothing will be announced until Jan or Feb.and it is possible. Doubt it! All action will take place prior. No way! No how! If a deal is done prior or any news to come out, we will be the last to know. You want to be sitting on the sidelines. Not me! Do what you think is right. Best of Luck!

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