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  • bunk550008 Oct 4, 2013 4:56 AM Flag

    Kobe Bryant received stem cells in his ankle.

    Just in general, he said its unreal how quick and great his ankle feels after receiving the stem cells. Imagine if u could put stem cells in the human eye to restore vision.. Oh wait, Actc is on that already. Wow! Get in and get a piece of the pie. If they had nothing they would be pumping and beating the 20/400 patient results to death. Actc just getting ducks in a row and mm are weeding out the weak hands. But lately the weak are changing their minds. Slowly but surely and one day bam!! It can only go up from here. More potential than risk.

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    • Do U know why certain people are better than others at African hand ball?

    • Can he jump higher? yawwnnnn

    • I don't think Kobe was treated with stem cells. Do a search for: Why Did Kobe Go to Germany? It's some process called Regenokine. Apparently, A. Rod had the treatment as well.

      Regenokine approach, a patented method developed by Dr. Peter Wehling, a spinal surgeon in Düsseldorf, Germany. The procedure begins with the removal of a small cup of blood from a patient, which is then incubated at a slightly elevated temperature. (The goal is to give the blood a fever.) The liquid is then spun in a centrifuge until it's separated into its constituent parts. The heavy red blood cells accumulate in the bottom layer, a layer of crimson crud at the bottom of the plastic tube. The relevant fluid is the middle yellowish layer — it looks like viscous urine — which is dense with agents that, at least in theory, can accelerate the natural healing mechanisms of the body. "The inflammatory response is normally part of the recovery process," says Chris Renna, one of the only American doctors administering Regenokine. "But sometimes the body can't turn the inflammation off, and that's when you get chronic pain and arthritic degeneration. The goal of Regenokine is to stop that response so your body can begin getting better."

    • Bunk, Peyton Manning received stem cell traetments in neck a couple years ago, had to go to Germany to get it. And look at the way he's playing at age 37, amazing to say the least.

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      • very common but costly and not covered by obamacare What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

        Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyPRP is the injection of the patients own platelets, in high concentration into an injured tendon, ligament or Muscle tear. The Platelets contain growth factors which help stimulate natural healing.

        Why platelets?

        When we injure ourselves, one of the first repair cells that travel to the injury are platelets. Platelets are rich in many different growth factors. These Growth factors help attract other repair cells, (neurtophils, monocytes, fibroblasts) these "worker" cells then allow normal healing to take place.

        Unfortunately, our tendons and ligaments have a very poor blood supply, which leads to an incomplete or much delayed healing response. With PRP we are helping to bring these natural healing cells to an area that have been deficient, thereby allowing the body to repair the tissue faster.

        This leads to much quicker reduction in pain and faster return to sports and daily living activitie

      • Keep-you answered my question-how does he keep playing-I knew he was an "old" guy from his face-Good news-he'll do endorsements!!!!!!!

      • bunk550008 Oct 4, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

        Wow did not know that about manning. He may just be playing the best ball ever. Teams didn't want to take any chance on him after the surgery, but it's safe to say Stem cells/ procedure worked perfectly!