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  • longhornbillybear longhornbillybear Oct 7, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

    Oh Elky.on "Dec"-24th-2009...Senate passes Obamacare along partisan Democratic vote,60-39

    Mark the date Elky,December 24,2009 while Americans prepared for the Christmas holiday...Democrats perpetrated a treachery that will be their undoing,say good bye Democrats,2010 is right around the corner and you will be tossed from office for trying to make America a socialized country."This is called landmark legislation"was done by Democrats against the will of the people.

    It is touted and spun by Democrats and Barack Obama as a historic vote and moment in American history,the Obamacare health care bill has passed the Senate,60-39,"Not one,NO!!!!,Not one Rebublican voted for this disaster called Obamacare...

    So Elky let me get this straight not one" Rep" voted for ...Yeah that's right not one and for you sneaky little rats pushing legislation on X-mas eve while Americans prepare for Christmas says it all you guys are liars,cheats,crooks,law breakers and criminals..........Literally,under the cloak of darkness,Democrats/rats continue to ram socialism down the throats of the American people.,Imagine having Congressional representation that does not represent the will of the people?

    Rebuttle this Elky Welky........You guys are all slime balls....................Lmao


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    • magicmailbox Jan 16, 2014 7:44 PM Flag

      ...just because...

    • magicmailbox Dec 24, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

      Change begins at the level of perception. Stop calling them democrats, and start calling them just what they are: socialists.

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      • Re: "Change begins at the level of perception. Stop calling them democrats, and start calling them just what they are: socialists." by magicmail

        Ah, wish that it were so.....but then, horror of horrors, that would mean we would be providing our citizens with universal higher quality healthcare for half the current price, higher quality reasonably priced education (sometimes even free all the way through college), jobs with decent salaries plus reasonable pensions, vacation and sick leave time, sound infrastructure throughout the country, much more reasonably priced access to a higher speed more densely pixilated internet, etc., etc.

        But of course everyone can imagine the terrible effect all of this would have on the values of our country!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I wonder how many laws will be broken tonight while Americans spend time with family and friends against the Constitution,four years gone and the disregard for Laws continues.This administration will leave a legacy of Liars,Crooks,and Con-Artist without pail ....2014 will be a cake walk.


    • I thought my uncle Joe said it was a "big Funking deal". It has turned out to be just a funking deal for America....bwahahahahahaha

    • 11-27-2013.................Another illegal day in this administration and unconstitutional...

      Obama once again acts as some king willy nilly changes employer mandate while Americans begin for thanksgiving spending time with family and friends all of which in the cloak of darkness again.postponing for one year what most employers have spent millions across this country to remain in legal standings obeying the Law wasted man hours secretary wages paid where production could have been spent elsewhere capital thrown away as if it's the easily printed money the treasury creates with no fortitude.

      1-1-2014 is a joke....What this administration created in 5 years will take decades to undo the harm it has done to the good people will never be forgotten..........2014 and 2016 will be a land slide......smiley face.....(:o)


    • 3-23-2010.......was a illegal day in America construded,by criminals in Washington DC.


    • you left out one convenient fact that the whole presidential election was run on for/against this law. The opposition candidate, can't remember his name.....Mittens or something whole platform was to abolish this. Which, in another odd twist is the same damn idea he came up with and implemented in his own home state.........weird, eh? And, the people know the results.

    • On 6-28-2012 the U.S Supreme Court upheld the Constitution of most of the ACA in the case however,the court held that States cannot be forced to participate in the ACA's Medicaid expansion under penalty of losing their current Medicaid funding,since the ruling,The law its Implementation have continued to face challenges in Congress,in federal courts,and from state Governments due to unconstitutional practices carried out by the Democratic party and lobbyist rewriting documents numerous times.


    • how dare you deal in facts with the moron libs.......

    • hillbillycub, the majority in the House and Senate represented the majority of the people at that point in time. It didn't matter what party they represented. It's one man one vote. That's Democracy under the 'Constution'. No?

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