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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Oct 12, 2013 1:40 AM Flag

    Constitution, Conservative Party of We the

    There is a fungus among us, as Ted Cruz flushes them out, we now know them by their fruits.

    The same fungus that metastasized to progs, has now been exposed as guppies...same bottom feeders in blue and red clothing. Ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing, trying to destroy America the beautiful and once great....cry my beloved country!

    GOD bless America, I pray!

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    • I will give Ted Cruz this; at least Green Eggs and Ham was held right side up. Not sure it's on the same reading level as My Pet Goat however. Those Texan politicians are some real geniuses. To think they are the cream of the crop doesn't say much for the Texas School system. LMAO!

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      • Blue, is your demeaning of Ted Cruz based on jealousy? How does your education and stature in life compare to his? Be careful when you throw mud that you don't get any on yourself.

      • Mr. low information dunce, aka handout zombie and purveyor of lies and falsehood, this Texan is more educated than you will ever be.....Just ask Alan D. of Harvard Law school. Oh BTW, Sen. Cruz is a product of Princeton, including Harvard Law school, the youngest solicitor General in US history, a former Deputy AG in the US Justice department, to mention a few of his accomplishments, more than I can say for "the constitutional law professor wanna be"...hehehehehehehe

        Did I mention he also clerked for the late and former Chief Justice of SCOTUS. Yes indeed, this "Texan", as ya try to disparage him, has countless impressive SCOTUS victories/successes, including the mammoth 9-0 crushing of the SCOTUS "pledge of allegiance" case ya America hating ilk took all the way to the SCOTUS. Thanks to this "Texan" , the 2nd Amendment was preserved in the DC v Keller case, oh he WON again 5-4, and he is ONLY 42 years old. Need I continue, ya hateful, spiteful soul.

        This is what progs do,.... isolate, demonize ya betters. No wonder progs are deathly afraid of this "Texan". If ya can't beat him, don't join him....disparage and smear him. Good news though, America is now AWAKE, albeit groggy with lies and propaganda.....hehehehehehehe.

        I forgive you and pray for your forgiveness and repentance....Cheers!

        p.s......I have better things to do than to keep educating you and constantly exposing ya anger with the successful, and ya petulant nature. I hope ya find peace someday and somewhere....GLTU.

        p.p.s....should I expect a black helicopter or a drone this time?......hehehehehehehehe.

    • ROFL!!! Of course you would align yourself with such an evil man.