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  • krycap64 krycap64 Oct 19, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    If 10/22 is a day to sell shareholders others BS I'm out

    Come 10/22 if I hear one word about other BS programs from GR without solid confirmation of SMD/AMD results, market, partnering, investment and revenue potential then this has been the biggest hype in the history of small cap stocks.

    GR and company must prove results with resounding affirmation or their will be very negative and angry reaction from older shareholders and possible legal action from enforcement agency for the things said in previous conference calls. Why? because forward statements can only be denied if they were not intended to mislead but in our case it seems the statements could be misconstrued as to the intent especially when dumping huge blocks of shares.

    Any thoughts?

    Own DD

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    • Re: If 10/22 is a day to sell shareholders others BS I'm out....... Come 10/22 if I hear one word about other BS programs from GR without solid confirmation of SMD/AMD results, market, partnering, investment and revenue potential then this has been the biggest hype in the history of small cap stocks.


      Cry me a river.............

      : )

    • Re: Any thoughts?

      Yeah......... What urgency existed when you decided to buy ACTC and go long ? Didn't want to miss the boat, bus, plane, or train ? Surely, it couldn't have been ACTCs business model ? Did you allow the rabidly optimistic, the unconscionable, and conjecture-based pumpers cloud your judgement ?

      The resumé of a message board "looser."

      ".....I've been here a long time........ I've served in Board and executive capacity......"

      krycap64 • Jul 19, 2013 2:11 PM
      wrong---I've been here a long time and I'm not Keep. The only thing Keep and I share is that I do believe we can do better than GR as I've served in Board and executive capacity and I do not like what I see but I'll hold my fire until I see more facts.

      "......I've been a CFO of a public reporting company....."

      krycap64 krycap64 • Jul 21, 2013 12:52 PM
      Dear Westley I've been a CFO of a public reporting company and clearly know what can and cannot be said.

      "......I know this as a sophisticated investor.........."

      krycap64 • Aug 12, 2013 2:27 PM
      Fighters mommie---- I know this as a sophisticated investor, GR could have told us anything yesterday regarding ACTC including top secret plans as LONG AS HE DOES IT AT THE SAME TIME TO A PUBLIC FORUM and he chose not to mention his little financing scheme yesterday in that PUBLIC FORUM TO GIVE EVERYONE EQUAL NOTICE IN THE DILUTION. Unless the rules have changed he could of gave all shareholders notice in any public forum or mass communication with shareholders. My opinion only. DO your DD on your own.

      krycap64 • Sep 17, 2013 11:15 AM
      Voted 1.492 mil as "NO" to GR, "NO" to Dilution and "Yes" to split

      krycap64 • Sep 19, 2013 2:47 PM
      You sound like the looser you are and have always have been!

      : )

    • Same old same old basher message.

    • Yes Ohara, time for a new ID

    • Cap,

      I believe at this early stage they are only trying to prove safety through P1 which seems to have been a non-issue based on the DSMB review board allowing them to continue on with the trials. If more than safety was seen through P1 then I believe we are still hitting a home run at this point...


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Kry, the only way Gary can get out of the mess he's made of this whole situation would be to come out firing from both barrels on Tuesday. And one of the barrels should be loaded with an introduction of the 20/400 to 20/40 patient to shareholders, because if it's true about this patient, then this should not be a 6 cent stock, but more like a $1 or higher stock based opon expectation of the future revenues to come.
      But I doubt anything of significance will come out of this shareholder meeting, just the same old same old. And anyone who voted FOR the 1B share increase will feel like a fool for doing so. And then we're going to hear a lot more folks complaining about Gary.

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      • Even the 12 institutions which own ACTC collectively probably have less shares than most of the retail investors.

      • Keep--
        Agreed, GR must build confidence in ACTC's future treatment stream and prove the time frames to market for SMD/AMD or shareholders are SOL. GR needs to stop selling other treatments and focus on one thing at a time as nothing he's talked about has been accomplished except for a vote for 1 billion new shares.

        If 1 billion new shares go out the door as outstanding shares rather than only authorized shares and no revenue stream is defined as reasonably foreseeable, then GR has sold us all a terrific story which would appear to be good for management and not us penny stock shareholders.

    • Oh my gosh what a complete whine fest you are having. Just leave, the rest of us are willing to take a risk without whining on a board about it.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Gary has a knack for making bad decisions, IMO. I don't expect him to keep with his word about October being a shareholder value generating month for the company.

    • If there is nothing of substance I think the market will show that it is about the end of the line for empty promises. Next Tues. will determine wether I will be selling some of this off at a profit or a loss. I'm hoping for a profit but I'm prepared for a loss.

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      • Agreed-such a shame for a company that evidential has some science proven.

        If the management team could just accomplish something on the business side of things rather than always waiting for the science side to pull their bootstraps up ---it would be nice.

        The management team is subpar for a supposed break-through stem-company. It's really a shame any missteps continued after Caldwell screwed things up-------the shame is the screw ups continued with inexperienced management team. Form 4 F'ups please Mr wall street private equity guru---what a joke.