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  • cricketseesall cricketseesall Oct 22, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Increases in premiums=He Lied

    His website forces people to give personal information first, then lists the prices. Administration thought it was better to trick the people, so they could offer up their bribe to those who seek something free. Then, let them see the prices. Average earners who are healthy will see increases of around 99% for men, and 67% for women. He lied, plain and simple. Obummer crowd still lying, and trying to cover up the truth with bait and switch. Shameful snake oil salesman, and the idiots on this board , (who most likely are paid political hacks we can't expect them to be truthful or honest), still sit here and try to defend this con game. It is NOT affordable, and it will NOT make people healthy. It IS a train wreck. He will NEVER admit it.
    Arrogant will be cast down, wait and see...

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