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  • joes765 joes765 Oct 23, 2013 6:04 AM Flag

    ACTC: Cooler heads will prevail

    I was wrong. Like many, I expected some big announcement yesterday. I thought it was a put up or shut up time at the CC. However, I did not sell a single share. In order for the science to have widespread credibility, we need the rigorous validation that can only occur by publishing ACTC data in very top peer-reviewed medical journals like JAMA, NEJM or Lancet. If not, Wall Street and others will say the results are just hype not real. The journal process takes time. The article drafts have to be written and re-written. the peer-review process needs to occur where drafts are sent out confidentially to experts in the field for critique. Only after a lengthy review, will the journal publish our data. No question, for the sake of proper validation, we need to sit and wait. They are probably not allowed to share to the public all their data for the very fact that it would compromise the precious opportunity for publication in widely-respected and prestigious medical journals. That goal is certainly worth waiting for.

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    • joe: it was Put Up or Shut Up time and Gary shut up!!!

      Gary also specifically said that all the big pharms are watching. He also would not say how many Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) ACTC has signed. You can get the Crown Jewels if you sign a NDA. So, why the need to publish at conferences? The right answer is that THERE IS NO NEED TO PUBLISH AT CONFERENCES unless you want to smooze with your friends!!!!

      You obviously don't understand that investors were stone walled.

      And, yes, I listened to the very bitter end so I don't need to rely on what some spin doctor posts on this board.

    • Joe,
      Yes I had same expectations as you. Simply going off the what Gary said from the last CC. I as well did not sell a single share and even bought a little more. After being able to ,listen to the ASHM, I still believe they are doing what they can. So much going on and a lot of irons in the fire. That could be good or bad. The main thing is there is no safety issues. That is the whole point of these trails. Correct? I really liked what was said. The shares were approved which I am not a fan of , but they are doing what is needed. Time will tell. GLTA

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      • Hey jc4actc, so what was said, that you LIKED?. Getting bits and pieces of the meeting. Mostly extreme one sided comments. So I would like to know, what the positive points of the meeting???. BTW: I'm not a fanfare of the extra Billion shares either, and I voted against it. Nonetheless, lets move on to the next phase, and I hope the stock price recovers from this point going forward. I still don't understand why the huge drop.

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    • Well said.