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  • donprob6200 donprob6200 Oct 29, 2013 7:13 AM Flag

    Elky, NutJobDummy, Blueclod, and the rest of

    you libbies please tell me it ain't so. Your annointed one, OBAMMY, LIED to us about the ACA.
    Oh, my my my!!!! What are we to think!!!! Oh, my my my!!!!!!!!!!

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    • We are to think TRANSPARENCY, then a LIEpology, (sorry"Oh,, my my my !!!! (like that...hope ya don't mind)

    • "What are we to think!!!! Oh, my my my!!!!!!!!!!"

      Don, here's what I think, you're nothing but a lying right wing piece of trash, but you're not alone, and thats whats troubling.

    • Lying is what he does best and being gullible is what elk and his pals do best.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • just worry about what you do best. Honking Mandingo's bobo and licking up every last drop off your chin.

    • The spin that I'm hearing on this this morning is as sickening as the lie itself. I'd like to know if any of the press had that memo during the vote on ACA or the campaign and sat on it. Unbelievable that the president was out making such emphatic statements when he knew is wasn't true.

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      • "Unbelievable that the president was out making such emphatic statements when he knew is wasn't true."

        Was it as unbelievable as GW lying us into a war with Iraq? Or was it as unbelievable as his "Mission Accomplished" fiasco?
        Theres, you're a bonifide right-wing nutjob, with both racist and bigoted tendecies.

      • It is NOT hard to believe, it is par for the course, and not just for the current face and party. Yes, 'it' has been shown to have repeatedly lied and pandered and reneged upon every campaign promise it made to get elected...and then when asked about it it said "that's just politics". No, that's lying and deceiving and violating the public trust.

        But they all do it, either party, doesn't matter, it is ALL A SHOW, stop wasting time maligning the bad actors on stage left and avowing that the actors on stage right are the real deal.

        The same agendas have been furthered and expanded upon for 100 over years, the same creeping agenda has been furthered by BOTH and ALL. Except JFK and we all know what happened to him.

        Part of the game plan is for getting the public to demand things that they should be resisting. You and everyone here, including myself, have endured a lifelong mindf(*k. THAT IS WHAT WAKING UP IS REALLY ABOUT. It is coming to the understanding that what you've thought to be true might not be, and what you thought you believed - and the reasons and emotional ties to those beliefs - were instilled in you by external influences that were themselves victimized in the same way, or came from the occasional mouthpieces for the nefarious and clandestine cabal that has been patiently unfurling a dubious plot of domination and control.

        It's been going on for at least 300 years and part of it's success is owed to people fighting over aspects of the charade and taught to laugh at anyone whom might expose it.

        History is lies, myth and folklore. Today's accepted lies are tomorrow's official history - which will be altered as needed.

      • History is generally kind to past presidents but I don't think this will be the case here. This message board is just an example of what this lying POS has done to divide our country.