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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Oct 30, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    Tea Bagger hero Canadian born TED CRUZ'S WIFE WORKS FOR WALL STREET !!!!!

    Talk about total and utter RepubliCON Tea Bag hypocrisy, didn't WE THE PEOPLE bail out the firm she works for, the firm who pays TED'S healthcare via his wife? Answer. YES. This is the party, the Tea BAGGERS who got ushered in because of the bailout outrage, as well as being anti-women and look, ol' Teddy is a total FAKE. According to a recent New York Times article:
    A vegetarian with a Harvard M.B.A., Mrs. Cruz is a managing director at Goldman Sachs, one of the Wall Street firms that helped set off the populist rage that ushered Mr. Cruz into the Senate in 2012. She works for Goldman in Houston, where she lives with the couple’s two young children, and as her husband’s fame has increased — depending on the audience, he is among the most pilloried or revered members of the Senate — she has maintained a low profile.
    Oh TEDDY, if only your FAUX News crowd knew how to read.

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    • This is just another in a series of inane and idiotic posts. It's as if the right were to argue that because all you Libroid Dems favor welfare, none of you should be wealthy - whatever you make over subsistence should be given away. LOL. Last I heard some of the richest members of congress are Dems. You people are jokes - you buy this garbage from your wealthy slave masters.

    • Reminds me of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife working for a right wing lobbying group.
      Think there is a bias in that family?

    • Could she be Gary Rabin's sister?

    • My Goodness, ya grabbing for straws like the intellectually drowning prog that you are NJ. Since when did it become illegal to work for a legal entity in America? You progs are only jealous and upset at the success of ya betters. Ya failed to mention that the senior VP at the company that gave America an EPIC FAIL, while whistling Dixie to the bank, was an old class mate of "Bama Shelly's", C-R-O-N-Y-I-S-M !!!!.....bwahahahaha.

      Fact is if Mrs. Cruz didn't have the talent her firm wanted, I doubt she would be working there....I suspect that she is as accomplished as her Knight in an intellectual armor of sheer brilliance, which you progs can't stand. BTW, what has her being a vegetarian got to do with anything she has accomplished? Jealousy is evil and is a sin...repent!

    • Re: "Oh TEDDY, if only your FAUX News crowd knew how to read."

      Right, nj, but we can thank our lucky stars that the Birthers and Tea Party folk will make sure Cruz never becomes President. They insisted that Obama not be allowed to even run alleging that he was born in Nigeria and it didn't matter that his mother was a US citizen. With Cruz, it is not a mere allegation as it is fully documented he was born in Canada and the Birthers and Tea Party folk have already made it clear the mother's citizenship doesn't matter. We can be quite sure the Birthers and Tea Party folk will now follow through on their opportunity to assert again the correctness of their vision and, as well, to demonstrate their great integrity. […Oooooooops!]

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