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  • edtrainer edtrainer Oct 31, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    I want everyone's honest opinion here.

    I believe the one issue that is killing the pps is the news of the r/s. I know that 3.5 billion os shares is a lot.......but then again.....not really. When you start talking big pharma being able to pour billions into the science of ACTC....3.5 billion shares can be gobbled up rather quickly. I truly believe if the threat of a r/s was done away for good, the pps would go up dramatically.

    Agree? Disagree?

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    • My honest opinion is that I think we're all ╒ucked.

    • You're all wrong. It's because we are a highly diluted stock, that institutions cannot trade. It takes larger and larger investment amounts that typical individuals are not going to risk in a penny stock, to life the price. Once it is uplisted, you'll see a lot more opportunity for the company to rise on news. Otherwise, even the best news is discounted. And if your daily amount traded, that's not really about "investment" per se, as only some of those will buy and hold for a long time, is in the thousands, there is no way that those small dribs and drabs can lift this long, long wing to catch the wind. It's impossible. You need lots of buys in the millions of dollar range, when you are this diluted. What will change all of this, is when there are many fewer shares, so that holders have far more power, and then, decent sized institutional buyers competing with these individuals trying to get into the stock. That's what will lift this still, as far as most of the market is concerned, highly risky and highly speculative stock. You have to invest a LOT of time to fully understand this company and what it offers, and even then, there is no guaranty, from what I've seen here and elsewhere, that investors can fully grasp what it is they have in this company. That can only change when institutions are a decent sized part of the mix, and that will happen ONLY post r/s. Though we could get some volatility upward, which is always nice (but penny's are notoriously unstable, so such pops never last with highly diluted companies like this. Traders inevitably take their profits asap).

    • Disagree!!!!

      The threat of a RS was the cause of the major PPS bust last year. That's already built into the price.

      I think that the current issues are the lack of substantial news and the lack of financial resources to take this treatment to market. ACTC just doesn't have the cash.

      Of course, IMO.

    • "I truly believe if the threat of a r/s was done away for good, the pps would go up dramatically."

      Really, then why didn't it go up after the first RS rejected? The share price will not go up until Gary decides when it will benefit him best, then watch it go up.

    • 3.5 billion gobbled up quickly ha ha ha ....happy thanksgiving