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  • bum5353 bum5353 Nov 9, 2013 7:36 PM Flag

    O/T- Arrogance


    Is all the way to the top,, Bam is sorry that folks are loosing their hard earned insurance that they have worked for to support their families,, you know dam well he does not give 2 fks as to what happens to the American people, unless they are part of his #$%$ bag voting base that don't have jobs, nor do they want a job,, they want free shiet,, and the bas()stard is so arrogant that he will not give up his legacy,, but the working man is suffering,, what used to be copays of maybe 500 bucks is now up to 6 grand,, this gaddam thing does not save money and it does absolutely nothing for patient care,, A message has to be sent in 14 AND 16 that the POS dems are no longer wanted for the damage they have done to the US,, much of this is to late,, we are going to be taxed to death so the wealth can be passed around,, especially for the lazy,,

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    • YOU BIG PHONY !!!!
      LMAO !!!

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      • This is for the thumbs down, head in the sand, crew.

        “The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” wrote the administration on page 34,552 of the Register. All in all, more than half of employer-sponsored plans will lose their “grandfather status” and become illegal. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 156 million Americans—more than half the population—was covered by employer-sponsored insurance in 2013."

        Can you boys and girls do the math on that one?

      • Bile, I may dislike the unnecessary labels, yours as well, but it's pretty clear that these guys lied for years about what would happen when ACA was implemented.

    • Bum, it's difficult to understand why the voters ever thought a Marxist would be good for the U.S.A. in the first place. What has the anointed one done in the past 5 years that could be considered good or successful. I'm not sure these low information voters have yet learned anything. For the sake of this country I hope they have.

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      • DW, the low information voters have obviously not learned anything from the catastrophe they have exposed America to in the past five years as evident in their arguments on this board. In fact they are doubling down, demanding more time for the scam to work....against America, I might add.

        Even with all the video evidence that America was lied to, in spite of the LIEpology, which was an INSULT and yet another lie to America, they have been conditioned to believe no harm to America has been done. This is further proof, progs can't do anything right and confirmation that progs don't know when they over play their hand.

    • " A message has to be sent in 14 AND 16 that the POS dems are no longer wanted for the damage they have done to the US.."

      Bet ya sweet beppy, a message will be sent, to these control freaks and miscreants, who are trying to destroy America for absolutely no reason, except diabolical.