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  • keep_investing keep_investing Nov 20, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    Dr. Lanza's contract with ACT ends in December

    Will Gary mess this up, too?

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    • Nice to see some things NEVER change! Although, Keep, you're a bit more transparent than in the past! Gloom and doom personified!

    • Lanza has no desire to leave ACTC at all, in my opinion. If he did, he could have left a long time ago and be making a lot more money than he is right now. If ACTC does succeed in a major way he may eventually make more money than he would have elsewhere but I think that is a secondary issue for him. What is crucial is that he has been able to put together a truly phenomenal team for the research and development they are focused on and he and they are in full control as to where they take that effort at every step of discovery after discovery. I think he gives no thought to going anywhere else. He would not want to take a chance, even for much more money, of ending up in a position where his charting the course of the science might be interfered with in the slightest, nor would he want to abandon his team. He knows he has a great team at ACTC (that evidence is already well established) and that he and they know better than anyone else around where to go with their stunning findings and treatment developments, and he knows full well that they really can bring a revolution to medicine.

      There's no chance he will leave ACTC.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Re: Dr. Lanza's contract with ACT ends in December

      Are you aware that Lanza, served as the ignoble VP of Medical and Scientific Development of Two Moons Kachinas, Inc. ?

      : ) KA-CHING, KA-CHING, KA-CHING ........ KACHINA !

    • whats he gonna mess up? Lanza holds the cards......he got excercise of .06 (close on Nov. 8th) and he the 3rd installment vests on Dec. 31. Lanza will demand his full bonus 40% of annual salary and they will give it to him cause they know without him all the little weasels that follow this turd will walk and the house of cards will crumble

    • No, stupid he won't -guess why? Don't you dare read the transcript!

    • Why the FEAR MONGERING?? You know, "That IS If You Listened Or Attended The Shareholders Meeting Like Some Of US", that this subject was brought up with Dr. Lanza present. He (Dr. Lanza) stated that he was happy where he was, and was looking forward to moving the program into Phase !!!! Once again Keep. Philmydek, snapsnap, all the False Named BASHERS trying to do a good job and earn their Pay Checks, only deal in Half Truths and innuendos. Yes there are just as many False Named Paid Pumpers, this would not be a Penny Stock Message Board without both parties trying to earn a pay check from some Day Trader or Market Maker trying to deal on the margins! Just be aware of why they use those False Names!!!

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      • :"Why the FEAR MONGERING??"

        Djmak, turning a blind eye to this matter is not the way to face life, because " The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself".

        "that this subject was brought up with Dr. Lanza present. He (Dr. Lanza) stated that he was happy where he was"

        Funny, but the way I remember it that when Gary asked Dr Lanza whether he happy being at ACT he responded with a joke, and I believe I heard a fearful sounding laugh coming from Gary.

        "all the False Named BASHERS trying to do a good job and earn their Pay Checks, only deal in Half Truths and innuendos"

        I don't deal in half truths, everything I've said about Gary has been the truth I as I know it. And I only wish someone were paying me to bash, but nobody is, and I wouldn't do it for money anyway, as I own shares of ACTC and want it to succeed. Besides who would pay people to bash this stock? As Gary's doing such a terrible job that you don't need to pay someone to bash. And what daytrader or market maker in their right mind would trade a stock like this, when it trades in fractions of a cent daily, just makes no sense, especially when the risk far out weighs the reward.

    • He may very well leave.

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