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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Nov 29, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    Millions shop at Walmart today!

    I and millions of patriotic Americans shop at Walmart today. I did not see any vermin blocking my path to shopping Walmart. Proves these rabble-rousers and America haters target Walmart in prog cities and prog hoods where they lie to their handout zombies that Walmart is the "evil" holding them back. Progd also bus in their professional paid rabble-rousers to boost the make belief, but worthless rallies.

    If ya don't like to work at Walmart, then don't work at Walmart PERIOD. I like to shop at Walmart so leave me the heck alone to shop at Walmart Period. Take ya dishonest sham elsewhere PERIOD!

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    • Shopping at Wally world is not patriotic. To try to educate you on a topic like that is a waste of time as you've proven over and over that your mind is closed. Oh, but I love to hear from you about how American is exceptional and patriotism......oh boy, enlighten us.

    • I like to shop at Wal-Mart so leave me the heck alone,

      A real mans shopping center,knock out that wall and put in a tiittie-bar I'm gonna do some shopping but not before I see some link?

      Rodney Carrington Wal-Mart


    • Blue, you never explained what you mean by a "living wage". Elk feel free to add your two cents.

    • Re: "I and millions of patriotic Americans shop at Walmart today. I did not see any vermin blocking my path to shopping Walmart. ..."

      fraudleyzzzz, the case you sight above was an oxymoron in that at that Walmart it was the vermin who were going in to shop.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Watch the video I posted for ya, sport. Learn. Be educated, you may need it someday.

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      • So you `re a vendor and want shelf space at the mart,Here`s your education about the mart so-called patriot. 1) if the mart wants your product you go before thier acceptance board you meet thier requirements, quantity, price point and time frame.If you can`t meet these criteria they can provide you with a manufacturer in china.You then close your US manufacturer and create unemployment with this move.I guess that`s OK you can then pay thier unemployment while making America less able to pay it`s bills that the idiots in DC run up.Next topic employee insurance only full time get`s it so schedules reflect only 20hr shifts for most.So when those employees need medical attention they show up at the ER and the bill get`s paid for by those of us who have insurance or the hospital eats it.Also the costs are passed onto society as a whole thru higher insurance premiums.This is just a small example of the hidden costs of your shopping at the mart you don`t see.I could go on but teaching others about economics is a waste of time it`s to dull for thier minds.