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  • factsfood factsfood Dec 5, 2013 9:22 AM Flag


    Gary was a speaker at the 2013 World Stem Conference somewhere in California and this was not announced as in the past. I suspect the reason is that this type event was news in the past as there was no other news of substance. Now however, I believe we are very close to major news with the trials final patients all injected and preliminary findings being written up for dissemination. Keep in mind that any publication of trial related results must be reviewed by multiple parties and approved by the safety board so this has taken time thus accounting for the trial news blackout. Although SEC rules require meaningful and important information to be disclosed via an 8K filing, it must be done following FDA sensitivites as well. Once they have all this information distilled and ready, we will be on the rocket launching pad for sure. Be patient as some Christmas presents are worth the wait. The SEC settlement announcement will be dwarfed by the Clinical Trials results.

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      The 'absence of news' make $heeple hearts and minds grow weary..... but, take to heart, soon..... real soon, $heeple$ will be eating their favorite garden vegetable with steak !

      FIGHTERPILOT • May 11, 2011 12:57 PM
      Below .20
      Those times are gone and below .30 will not last that much longer. NO BRAINER
      Anticipation alone will drive the SP higher. Anticipation of a game changer. Just picture this:
      With every patient, results can be seen in a short time, if the results are positive, overwhelming evidence will accumulate rapidly and lead to FDA approval speed you never have seen before. These are open trials !!!!!! Open trials with results under a microscope. Compare with seeds in your garden, when the plant breaks through the soil and is growing to your favorite vegetable you have with your steak, only totally derailed bashers, super idiots, like the ones we have on this MB, will call this a failure. Bashers are toast !!!! No Brainer !!!!!

      : ) Popcorn Popcorn

    • What if the clinical trial results are not so good? What happens then..a rocket ship down after a reverse..You predicting good results means nothing..We will find out if/when they are ever released..Even if they are not so good Im sure Garrie will try to put a positive spin on it..But 3.8 billion shares..a reverse on the way and still no results..sounds like the 6 cent otcb stock this has come to be..Made for sheep and baggies...

    • Facts, it's nice that you're trying to be positive about Gary, but facts are he is a WS shyster, and he must go, if ACT is to prosper and grow.

    • Needs the one two punch of SEC settlement and trial results to get this thing out of the .05-.08 range. I hope the wait is just because they are being very, very careful. Either way a few more months is OK but another year with nothing and I think all interest is lost. The difference between being patient and being played is starting to enter my mind.

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      • easy, the primary issue holding up the greater part of progress including announcments of news and deals by ACTC is the Aronson-Gorton case. What does the Market abhor ➩ Uncertainty! The Aronson-Gorton case is the major source of uncertainty for ACTC. No one is quite sure how bad the impact of that case might be and that ratchets up ➩ Uncertainty.

        But give it some thought. Ironically, if Aronson-Gorton won a devastating settlement that victory might very well destroy even their own investment since staff and shareholders might walk away or ACTC might move ahead on the medical breakthroughs but take all kinds of steps to keep the share price low. Araonson-Gorton can profit handsomely from ACTC but not if they keep trying to be a pig. I am sure they understand this.

        So, easy, I hope you are not in the process of selling all of your ACTC holdings as I expect Aronson-Gorton knows that even if they are in the cat bird seat, and I'm not saying they are, but even if they are they don't want to kill the Golden Goose to gain a victory on paper. I do think it likely we will one day in the not to distant future, as the success of the science will soon be fully documented and ready to be shown, wake up to news that Aronson-Gorton and ACTC have settled out of court with a basically mutually beneficial settlement.

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