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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Dec 10, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Where is America's dignity...?

    Shaking hands with the enemy?

    Isn't it a violation of the State Department policy not to have dealings with the enemy? "O Selfie" was cavorting and glad handing with "O Castro" of Cuba. I reckon it was a communist comrade reunion/convention. So, howdy comrade, "O Rauls"....bwahahahahaha. I wonder what else was going on behind them gorilla bushes....hehehehehehe

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    • libs have no dignity...
      none - just look at the stupid libs responding....

    • Where is America's dignity? Thats a good question, Fraud, and if ya take your head out of your butt, you just might find some dignity for yourself, maybe?

    • The creep asking about dignity has friends named asscandandy and muzzzlim. LMAO! OOOOOzing with dignity,,,rofl!

    • the Obama's flushed it down the toilet....


      The Huffington Post | Posted: 12/19/2013

      Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro finally weighed in on the death of his ally Nelson Mandela, in a “Reflection” that addresses the famous handshake between the Cuban and American heads of state at Mandela’s memorial service.

      Retired from public life since he fell ill in 2006, pauses in Castro’s periodic columns published in the island’s state media often raise eyebrows among those wondering about the state of his health.

      Castro broke his silence Wednesday night with a column that praised Mandela and excoriated the European colonial powers for creating Apartheid and the United States for supporting it during the Cold War.

      “Mandela was a man of integrity, a profound revolutionary and a radical socialist,” Castro wrote. “I never stopped admiring his honor, his modesty and his enormous merit.”

      Castro praised his brother, Cuban head of state Raúl Castro, for the much-discussed handshake with U.S. President Barack Obama at Mandela’s memorial service.

      I congratulate my comrade Raúl for his brilliant performance and, especially, for his firmness and dignity when with a friendly but firm gesture he greeted the head of the government of the United States and told him in English: “Mister president, I am Castro.”
      The symbolism of the handshake between the two heads of state caught the attention of the media, fueling speculation that U.S.-Cuba relations might be headed for a thaw after five decades of a U.S. trade embargo and severed diplomatic ties.

      Castro’s article finished off with a dig aimed at the United States, whose government for many years considered Mandela a terrorist and, unlike Cuba, did little to oppose Apartheid.

      “Imperialism will always hold many cards to break the will of our island, even it is has to depopulate it, depriving it of young men and women, offering them crumbs of the goods and natural resources that they plunder from the world,” Castro wrote. “Let the spokespeople of the empire talk now about how and why Apartheid came about.”

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    • dignity?
      libs don't care about no stinkin' dignity!

    • gone...

      libs and Obama have no dignity... none...

    • Fraudz likes to pretend that Reagan never shook Gorbi's hand and lets not forget that REPUBLICANS John McCain and Donald Rumsfeld shook Khadaffi"s and Saddam's hands respectively. So much hate in Fraudz's heart that he is completely blind to the truth. Poor Basterd.

    • You are such a hateful bigot.

    • fraudleyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, do you think when Nixon and Kissinger and innumerable other Republicans went to China they might have shaken hands with Mao, Chou en lai and many other Commies? Maybe?

      If they might have, it does really highlight how pathetic you are here.

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      • 2 Replies to elk_1l
      • "....they might have shaken hands with Mao, Chou en lai and many other Commies? Maybe? "
        "If they might have, it does really highlight how pathetic you are here."

        Thanks for highlighting how pathetic you are in living ya life of prog fantasy, outside ya cut and pasting delusional mindset/world. This explains why ya can't focus or deal with reality. because ya living in an abstract and a hypothetical world culled by purveyors of prog propaganda and falsehood, which doesn't impress me one bit. Now get real and fast !!!

        Today's reality is that "O Selfie" was bowing and hand gladding with a commie enemy of the USA, PERIOD. Until REPENTANCE, we have no business with the ungodly bloody handed communist.

      • he is a confused malcontent who has never read the Bible......nor bothered to understand the message.

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