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  • keep_investing keep_investing Dec 12, 2013 8:09 AM Flag

    So what do we truely know about the patients progress in the trials so far?

    Lets see:
    1 - The 20/400 to 20/40 patient is either a great breakthrough or a myth, as Gary seems bent on keeping any news about him from getting out to the public.
    2 - Maurie Hill, who blogs on aisquared, has reported no improvement in her treated eye, after 1 year.
    If this is what we are left with after more than 2 years of trials, then it pretty much tells us why this is a 6 cent stock thats probably headed lower.
    Now I've heard that every patient is doing well, and with no safety issues, and all have shown engraftment in their treated eye. And thats all good, but it's not a cure. So if ACT really has something here they need a huge PR program that boasts about their accomplishments, instead of just sitting by idly saying nothing.
    By the way, has Dr Lanza signed his new contract with ACT, yet?

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    • Re: "By the way, has Dr Lanza signed his new contract with ACT, yet?"

      Why do you suppose you are the only one worried about this?

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      • 1 Reply to elk_1l
      • "Why do you suppose you are the only one worried about this?"

        Elk, if you had been paying attention you'd know I am not the only worried about Dr Lanza leaving, and todays hiring just increases the angst even more.
        And let me ask you something: "Why do you always have Gary's back, eventhough he's let us down so many times?" Could you be so brainwashed by greed, that you can't see when someone is using you?

    • Re: Let see........

      A voice is heard in cyber space....... there is much weeping and gnashing of sheeple teeth. It is, keep_investing, weeping for his long term penny story stock investment, and refusing to be comforted........ because he is standing up up for his rights as a shareholder.

      keep_investing • Dec 10, 2013 9:11 AM
      "Desist whining, and I'll desist 'cutting and pastings others posts.' Whadaya say ?"
      Bear, what you call whining I cal standing up for your rights as a shareholder. And you still haven't answered my 2 questions, well here's another one for you to not answer: Do you own shares of ACTC?

      : ) Baah, baah, baahhh-d black $heep.........

    • Got to have a peer reviewed paper Keep before anything happens and they are surely making arrangements to set up us for a nice bounce when the time comes,, A little patience Keep and Lanza will go for all he can get,, after all, he's the man,,

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    • They can't release the fecking news on their own! And, as management has said, they are preparing a paper for a peer review journal for when they can release the news. Why can't you understand something so basic?

      "The 20/400 to 20/40 patient is either a great breakthrough or a myth" A myth? So are preparing to argue that Lanza is a lier, since you so often write about his "leak".

      And again you need to be reminded that this is a phase I trial.

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