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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding Dec 21, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    loyal to a fault ? loyal to a fault !

    Loyalty a hard to find trait it seems these days. Shoot, my one cousin has been a die hard Michigan fan since he graduated U of M 30 odd years ago. I was shocked to hear he was off to the Rose bowl to watch Michigan State. A school he I had heard him disparage fairly frequently over the past few decades. I have always liked both. I went to neither so no real allegience and both being in my home state....yada yada.

    So after shelling out some good dough and watching my Lions on the 50 yard line Monday night embarrass themselves for the umpteenth time." hungover and broken hearted tuesday"( sounds like agood song title )
    i began to wonder why I can't seem to shake my fandomonium....maybe it the same reason I stay in a turd like this.....Contemplating dumping what little I have left because it makes no sense to hang on why I'm clening up everywhere else.....and yet tomorrow afternoon as as i don't want to do it .......i will be compelled to don my Lions garb and root on the team who has let me down since birth.

    this company is awful......they will pave the way for someone else as they continue to screw those foolish enough to be loyal.....

    Merry Christmas

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