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  • elk_1l elk_1l Dec 31, 2013 12:16 PM Flag


    NEW YEARS 2100: 7.2° SURGE

    The Huffington Post | By Nick Visser | 12/31/2013 10:48 am EST

    Climate change may be far worse than scientists thought, causing global temperatures to rise by at least 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, or about 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a new study.

    The study, published in the journal Nature, takes a fresh look at clouds' effect on the planet, according to a report by The Guardian. The research found that as the planet heats, fewer sunlight-reflecting clouds form, causing temperatures to rise further in an upward spiral.

    That number is double what many governments agree is the threshold for dangerous warming. Aside from dramatic environmental shifts like melting sea ice, many of the ills of the modern world -- starvation, poverty, war and disease -- are likely to get worse as the planet warms.

    "4C would likely be catastrophic rather than simply dangerous," lead researcher Steven Sherwood told the Guardian. "For example, it would make life difficult, if not impossible, in much of the tropics, and would guarantee the eventual melting of the Greenland ice sheet and some of the Antarctic ice sheet."

    Another report released earlier this month said the abrupt changes caused by rapid warming should be cause for concern, as many of climate change's biggest threats are those we aren't ready for.

    In September, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said it was "extremely likely" that human activity was the dominant cause of global warming, or about 95 percent certain -- often the gold standard in scientific accuracy.

    "If this isn't an alarm bell, then I don't know what one is. If ever there were an issue that demanded greater cooperation, partnership, and committed diplomacy, this is it," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said after the IPCC report was released.

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    • Yeah sure, like the surge Al Gore predicted 5 years ago that never happened. Stop your fear mongering.

    • That may be a good thing, 'cause by then, the world will be islamasised !

    • It is also likely to be non existent as far as man made warming goes. You would have to be a complete moron to buy into the grant fed non science of global warming and climate change. Do some homework, elk!!!!!

    • Oh yes,, your proclaimed Huff Post,, the Bible of all news outlets,, and what is said by them is gospel,, But not to worry Elk,, Odipshiet has closed all the coal plants by making regulations so stiff that they cannot afford to stay open,, so what does the stupid SOB do,, kills jobs,, kills energy,, wait until you start seeing your electric bill go through the roof,, and who will that effect the most,, the POOR,, and what are people going to do,, burn wood to keep warm,, that will cause more pollution than coal ever did,, but Odipshiet does not have enough sense to see that,, next he will try to come up with a law that you cant burn wood,, the SOB is out of control,, but not to worry,, his fat a()ss wife can expel enough gas to light the world,, maybe that can help the poor some,, unbelievable what he has done to this country and keeps destroying us with his so called good intentions,, Obamacare will wreck havoc on the sick and the old and I think it is by design,, Oh yes,, have you asked your doctor if he/she is going to take Obamacare,, the fee schedule has not even been posted so I would say that most docs are initially not going to take that golden insurance card,, at least I'm not,, but you sorry bast()ards voted his dumb a()ss in and now we are all suffering,, 3 years will not go by fast enough to get the pri()ck out of office,, I'm surprised he has not tried to paint the White House black, or what do you get when you mix white and black together- grey, just like our country is now,,

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    • The fraud of man caused global warming ( now they say "climate change" since their predictions of warming disaster have not proved true) is so appealing to the leftist controller regulators that they just can't give it up. Every time a new fraud is exposed, they come up with another one. They dream of being able to control all aspects of everyone's life, and this is their golden key. Just sell this fraud to enough gullible people, and total control is assured. The Huffington Post is populated mostly by left wing propagandists so this is exactly the kind of thing one would expect to see there. And if one points out something contrary to their mantra, like , for example , the fact that the ice cap at the south pole has grown, not shrunk, they still find a way to claim it is caused by global warming. More ice or less ice, its all caused by global warming in their view. Reminds one of the old saw, figures don't lie, but liars can figure.