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  • theresnobeachhere theresnobeachhere Jan 8, 2014 1:31 PM Flag

    Comments On Contract Renewal

    This was from the quarterly call.

    "I think I described this a little bit at the shareholders meeting, but essentially Ted Myles, Dr. Lanza and myself at the main executive officers of company, we didn’t have full term on this contract so Dr. Lanza’s contract ended in September and so because we wanted to put together and I should say we I mean the compensation committee of the board of which I’m not a member. The compensation committee of the board wanted to put together an incentive program that was focused on major corporate events for the company and wanted some additional time to put that together for Ted, Dr. Lanza and myself. So they are now working on that will be in the year and that’s something that will happen in the renewal of the contracts for Dr. Lanza and myself. Next question."

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