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  • ccf11777 ccf11777 Jan 9, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    The cowboy that went from 400/20 vision to 40/20

    We already know for sure about the cowboy Rabin PR'd it so we know it works, boy the naked shorts on this stock are going to send the pps to a very very high pps. And it's only a week or two away, yeeehah, get the rally monkey out. The naked shorts will burn so bad

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    • Ccf, it's 20/400 to 20/40, the first number is always 20, as in 20 feet:
      ""Normal" vision is 20/20. This means that the test subject sees the same line of letters at 20 feet that a normal person sees at 20 feet. 20/40 vision means that the test subject sees at 20 feet what a normal person sees at 40 feet. Another way of saying this is that a person with 20/40 vision has vision that is only half as good as normal."

    • "boy the naked shorts on this stock are going to send the pps to a very very high pps."

      Who would naked short a 6 cent stock? Where's the profit in it? I know naked shorting goes on, it's an illeagal practice, especially on the OTC exchange, and much of it's done by Market Makers(MM), and Maxim is a MM for ACTC, and thats why I believe they made up the $0.45 target price for this stock, but so far it hasen't worked out for them.

    • What is your idea of a very very high pps? Back to levels pps was at before naked shorts lowered pps? glty

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      • well MAXIM gave it a .45 cent projection, but I just can't agree with their analysis. Yes I know MAXIM is VERY credible, but curing the blind?? a 55 billion dollar recurring market, bear in mind this is not a vaccine where next year there is not a NEW 55 billion worth of business to be had. And ACTC has orphan drug status, and the FDA has breakthrough status available to new therapies for unmet medical needs. And best of all when the pps goes, the more panic the naked shorts have, and they will buy buy buy, they run the risk of losing evertything. Maxim may be right at .45 cents but I strongly doubt it.