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  • easyesteemer easyesteemer Jan 10, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    Rabin said something nice

    About us unsophisticated baggies. From Life Science Reader Jan 7:
    Now a low-priced favorite on the bulletin board exchange, ACT contemplates moving up. “Being a penny stock on the bulletin board has offered some advantages to us in the past, but the volatility that excites penny stock investors is not always a desirable feature, particularly as a company matures,” says Rabin. “We have been able to build an incredibly loyal base of investors – with more than 45,000 retail shareholders – and reached a market cap of almost $200 million. Now we want to take the next step, and we are actively working toward uplisting to NASDAQ or the like. This will give us access to an additional pool of institutional investors.”

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    • Good find Easy. I don't think we get NASDAQ CM until A/G gets flushed out, because he won't release any great news until it is done. Since the Phase 1 morphed into a phase 2a they can wait on the data results for quite a while.

    • What is with "NASDAQ or the like"? It's always been stated that the plan is to uplist to NASDAQ.I hope they aren't considering NYSE MKT (the old AMEX).


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    • Good find. Needs to be read carefully between the lines. At least a new confirmation of old informations.

    • ACTC really needs to be up listed on the NASDAQ or the likes, in order to get the stock price moving higher.

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      • "ACTC really needs to be up listed on the NASDAQ or the likes, in order to get the stock price moving higher."

        Wow, not being on nasdaq isn't the answer to why the current share price is so low, it's the lack of news regarding the trials, or anything concrete being reported about them, right now it all rumors. Also it's because of the hellish dilution of stock, Gary's Form 4 miscues, Dr Lanza not yet renewing his contract, the continual lawsuits against ACT, on and on it goes.
        If they did a RS(share price = $6), and got on the nasadq next week w/o doing anything else, the shorts would immediately come barrelling in and knock it back down below a dime once more. What ACT needs more than anything else is a Chairman & CEO thats not in hiding, instead they need someone thats willing to step into the limelight and scream out that they're on the verge of curing those afflicted with AMD & SMD, and it needs to be screamed out all over the national news outlets. Of course if they don't have the cure, then they need to tell us all immediately, and not lead us on while they continually dilute the hell out of the stock to pay for their salaries and bonuses.