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  • keep_investing keep_investing Jan 11, 2014 9:34 AM Flag

    Has Dr Lanza renewed his conract with ACT, yet?

    Just checking, because it was supposed to happen last December. Gary brought this up first, back during the 2013 shareholder meeting, so I will keep bringing it up, don't want any of ya to forget about it.

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    • What happens if he doesn't renew his contract? Becomes a free agent and will be picked up by the highest bidder? Doubt it. I believe he wants to finish what he started, so whether or not he has a contract at this point if probably irrelevant.

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        I agree Lanza will finish what he started and he may just take all his IP with him should it come to that. I did post some excerpts awhile back regarding 10K wording on IP ownership. It basically stated that the CO owned it but was not real tight nor did the language exclude agreements which Lanza could have entered with ACTC to take back his IP if things did look good for ACTC or ACTC wasn't going to make good on their product development. Don't know as Lanza's employment agreements are not fully disclosed I believe. Own DD please.