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  • edhelms35 edhelms35 Jan 31, 2014 7:16 PM Flag

    "Gary Rabin, former C.E.O of Marlboro based Advanced Cell Technologies, was indicted by federal grand jury this evening"

    Imagine the impact an announcement like this would have on a company such as ACTC. How could Rabin do what he did? Don't think it can happen? Think I'm here "bashing" for the sake of bashing? What I need you to sell your stock? There are not enough shares to go around?

    Wake up ACTC shareholders, the fact is Rabin will undoubtedly face indictment for defrauding investors. The question now is, will he obstruct the S.E.C investigation. In my personal opinion the charge will be based on the fact that Rabin was stealing from investors that trusted him and then lied about his self-dealing. Conspiracy and obstruction carry maximum 5 year sentences and $250,000.00 fines. For a former hedge fund professional such as Rabin this might be seen as a cost of doing business and well worth the windfall he made during his reign at ACTC. The question is, can ACTC survive such an event.

    I love a conspiracy as much as the next guy....maybe the big boys are scared of ACTC and stem cell technology as a whole....maybe this paradigm shift costs the wrong people a lot of problem the hell can your CEO do something like this....did he need the money?????? Did he doubt the prospects of the company???/ Not believe in the study?????

    Worse yet.....will Lanza get caught up in this investigation....Truth is ...whether Lanza is guilty or not (and I personally believe he is guilty) the mere mention of Lanza's name with an S.E.C investigation/indictment buries the company/stock and the technology.

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    • Yes, edhelms, he needed the money. He was going thru a very nasty divorce, not at all amicable, One son just went thru that and it cost him a bundle. As wealthy as he is, she probably took him for every cent she could get. Thus, he probably had to sell a bunch of shares so he could cash her out and not lose all the property. Just a guess. The judges these days still rape the man. Alimony is the screwing you get for the screwing you got.

      I frankly think that wasn't the only thing that did him in. He missed nearly ALL his 2013 goals and we are still not raking in any coin for treating people and stopping them from going blind. There was a major screw up in the criteria for the tests and it took a long time to find people.. I have AMD AND diabetes, so am not eligible for the tests because the people have to be in perfect health otherwise. Otherwise they don't know if the outcome is only from the RPE's or some other interaction they don't know about. Crazy world, edhelms.



    • Ed, what you are implying about Dr Lanza borders on slander. Remember, what you post here can be traced back to you via a IP address.

    • when articles like the one in the Worester Gazette are published....when Nature is printing articles about a company's viability are released it is typically the harbinger of things to come...wouldn't wan to be in Gary's shoes right now....Hope it was worth it Gary...payback as always is a #$%$!

    • old news????? What the hell are you talking about???? The investigation just started skippy

    • To Patrick Curzio and those of us who signed the petition to the SEC....Great job....we have done what our spineless, inept board of directors either could't or WOULDN'T do.....I don't think the SEC will stop with Rabin either....I believe the estate of Bill Caldwell and evey employee and board member will be investigated and quite possibly face clawbacks....won't be too much longer before a class action shareholder lawsuit happens either....unfortunately the company is we will sue individuals ...ultimately the shareholder gets screwed always

    • Old news at this point. He's gone, and thank God for that.