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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jan 31, 2014 11:12 PM Flag

    A New Zealand study shows that long term pot uses lose 8 IQ points because of pot & a Swedish study shows that

    pregnant women who smoke pot injure their unborn babies. Maybe this is why the loons are loony, just look at blue, elk, keep and flop.

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    • A woman can give birth to a child with a brain less than half the normal size. It's brain can have tiny ulcers all throughout the brain tissue. Parts of the brain are abnormally small, and sometimes not even there. The baby may have deformed knees and cleft palate .This woman is told she has given birth to a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The law cannot touch her because alcohol is legal to use. The child has a very rough life with deformities, learning disabilities, and abnormal behavior and emotions.

      The woman sharing the hospital room has given birth to a seemingly normal baby, but they have detected an illegal drug in her system. She is arrested and charged with child abuse. The baby grows up and has a normal life.

      This B.S. has to change.

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    • We all know that blue is a spaced out druggie. I could only assume that elk, keep and flop were on the same stuff. Their posts are so far from reality, logic and history that they had to be inspired through a drug based haze. They make up "facts" for goodness sake! But if they don't use drugs and are just naturally ideologically driven ignoramuses, well then I apologize for implying they were on drugs when they respond to posts. Notice I say respond not answer posts. I say that because they rarely if never answer a post. They will change the subject, make up "facts" and call you names but never really answer a post but when they do try and answer a post it is devoid of reality and logic. An example is they can't even bring themselves to admit The Golfer in Chief has had horrible scandals, that have cost us lives, during is incompetent reign. Hell they can't even admit the messiah is a liar.

      So you can see why I thought they are on drugs. Again if they are not, I apologize.

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    • Lonesome, if true, then it explains you, as your mom must have smoked a lot of pot.

    • I am willing to bet that blue with his alter egos and floppy brain are off springs of the Woodstock pot heads. The New Zealand study is genuine and has been corroborated by top neuro physicians and scientists here in the US. D. Colbert MD. has done extensive work following pot heads, and the results are stunning. But it comes as no surprise, because it is what I have telling blue, before he started stalking and attacking me and others, who speak the TRUTH on this board.....bwahahahahaha.

      His irrational behavior alone speak volumes, because it tells one how irritable blue is. I can tell when he is agitated and when he has smoked the stuff, from his postings. The concern now is where will America be in 20 years, when all these dumb down pot heads become legislators....heaven forbid. This is progs gift to America...utter destruction of our Nation. They know what they are doing and pot is their secret weapon, next to FREE stuff and handouts. This is the new norm for slavery and captivity of the young minds, and it ain't funny..

    • make a lot of assumptions about people beside Blue. Also, I wonder what the alcohol abuse did to your brain.....wait, I don't wonder at all, your posts clearly show the deterioration. Good luck with that.