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  • ryanplume ryanplume Feb 6, 2014 12:34 PM Flag

    NEJM delay

    So it hasn't been published the past two weeks... big deal. We all know results will be released any time. People who aren't patient enough to hold this until results are released don't deserve to reap the rewards. I'm kind of glad the publish date is questionable because then the folks trying to make a quick buck will impatiently sell and the long-term holders will reap the gains like we deserve. When the Lancet came out for the first two patients, this was all over the news -- front page news of major media outlets like NBC and CNN. Imagine what it will be like when phase one is done and we have 32 patients instead of 2. Expect volume and buying like we've never seen before. Short-term traders who sell due to lack of news and that have bought into this to try and make a quick buck will be on the sidelines.

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    • Ryan--

      While I respect your previous posts, the fact is people in general never do their #$%$ homework and truly check the facts for the truth behind statements made by so called experts in any field. I do not give a S**T that the guy is a DR or PHD or CEO. F ''them because I know that half the time they do not do their homework. I'm not saying they are not smart---just that they do not do their F"ing homework.

    • u think that they will just dribble off..........?................I hope so ............what a smorgasbord of clowns here! .................perna