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  • bum5353 bum5353 Feb 15, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    O/T- ELK

    First of all, I am intrigued as to why you are traveling to Istanbul,, don't suppose you would elaborate on that,,
    Second,, go to Amazon and look up Ali Morad MD,, A surgeons Incredible Life Journey,, A Memior,,,,
    Dr, Morad ( and I cannot call him by his first name as I have immense respect for the man) once told me a story of how his father punished him after an incident at school ( its in the book),, He pulled a prank on the head master and he and his friends all were lashed, but when he got home and told his father,, his father made him spread eagle on the floor and he got and even worse lashing,, Dr. Morad is a very respectful amn and disciplined,, He came from that type of family where respect was bred into him,,
    Now, you and I have disagreed in the past about how to discipline children in school, and that repect in our children has deteriorated to where there is none, a kid in school can tell a teacher to fk off and there are no consequences,, this is just plain wrong,, I got my a()s paddled in school for doing stupid shiet and it taught me respect and like Dr. Morad, it was worse when I got home,, we have a horrible problem in this country with children having no respect for anything or anyone,, a lot of this can be attributed to single mothers not having a father figure around to help with this,, there are increasing numbers of this and it is worse in the black community but the white people are catching up,, there is no responsibility with dead beat fathers and the penalties are not stiff enough to deter this,, Elk, we need to fix our children or this country is going to fail,, most children have access to healthcare through CHIPS and such,, nutrition is a problem along with obesity,, some mothers have to work and kids are left to eat whatever the hell they want,, fast food is horrible,, I never had a problem with the free lunch program schools have or used to have,, I guess it depends on the state,, but you could catch the abusers of the welfare system,

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    • "First of all, I am intrigued as to why you are traveling to Istanbul..."

      Elky is going to Istanbul to get "radicalized", and to learn camp guarding techniques, should progs takeover America....bwahahaha Ain't gonna happen though, 'cause the prog takeover dream is falling apart, as America sees their lies, dishonesty and culture of prog corruption.

    • What does any of this conversation have to do with ACTC. I am wondering why the stock message boards have turned into a platform of bashing, politics, and education.

    • Doc, come on. You can't logic with elk.

      The guy's a moron.

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      • "You can't logic with elk." - No no no Loony Pole, you may not be able to since you are stuck at a 3rd grade level but others can. Perhaps it is not your fault, with an IQ in the 70's (a very generous number indeed), maybe we just can't expect that much from you. As you blunder around the MB daily using flawed logic and slinging insults, remember that there is good news though.

        You could sign up for the ACA and get a top notch therapist to assist with all the anger issues and work through the flawed logic! You don't want to go around the rest of your life being the Village Idiot, or do you?

    • Take the money away from the poachers of the system and put it into the lunch and after school food programs,, I don't think throwing more money at education is an answer now as what is out there is being wasted,, teachers need to be held accountable for their grade outcomes from standardization and turn most of this over to the states,, and for the states that have the best outcomes, then make that a model for lacking states,,
      Suspending a child for taking a bite out of a pop tart and shape it like a gun is beyond retar()d,ed,, I think we need to revert back to some of the old style of some of the disciplines of yesteryear to get our kids back,,
      Get Dr. Marad's book,, you will not be disappointed,, he is one of the most humble men I know and has a presence about him that you can feel,, I get a hug every couple of weeks and I am honored,,

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