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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Mar 4, 2014 9:03 AM Flag

    Contards hankering for war, absolutely pathetic

    I'm sure you idiots are fully loaded in defense stocks now and ready for Obama to give the nod. I don't know why you clowns hate him so much, he certainly isn't living up to his promises to us and he is clearly acting like a contard. He is one of you, just a different color, which to you simple minded fools is enough to continue hating him. Just for poops and giggles, what do you clowntards think Mitt would do in this situation? Hmmm?

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    • Not one reply on the "what would MITT do question"....Figures.

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      • Re: "Not one reply on the "what would MITT do question"....Figures."

        blue, everyone already knows that MITTENS would being moving much more quickly than Obama and would already have purchased the Ukraine, including Crimea, and would be getting ready to sell it off piecemeal to the highest bidding corporations (with Putin getting his fair share of the profits) while also sweeping up and stealing the two existing workers pension funds in the Ukraine with a total of 17 participants, so not much there anyway but it's better than nothing and consistency of buyout approach, in any case, must be maintained.

        The biggest profit would actually come from selling off Yanukovych's just about completed palace and MITTENS would get a big bonus by cutting considerable additional cost by nixing the final installation of the car elevators that Yanukovych had ordered.

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      • Blue, what's the point of that question? It's as useful as answering every question with a Bush reference. Both are irrelevant.

    • army was dismantled. no war.

    • Blue, I say send all those RWNJ hero's to fight the war, you know like those brave guys that never served, O'Reilly, Hannity, Savage, Limbaugh, Beck, just to name a few. Hey, maybe GW should lead them into battle, or maye hide them in the Air force Reserves, like his daddy did for him during Vietnam.

    • o-bomb-a can only nod at an empty barracks. We don't have an army anymore.

    • "he is clearly acting like a contard. "

      Hard to argue with that call Blue! You would have won if that was the ? on who wants to be a millionaire.


      Real Clear Politics | 3/4/2014

      Republicans are practically cheering for Vladimir Putin today. He's given them a new excuse to bash President Obama. Republicans are out in droves, suggesting that, if the president weren't such a weak leader, Putin wouldn't be threatening the Ukraine.

      First of all, did the same Republicans call George W. Bush weak when Putin invaded Georgia in 2008? No. Second, what do Obama's Republican critics want? They want economic sanctions and political boycotts to be on the table. Well...


      JOHN KERRY, SECRETARY OF STATE: There could even be, ultimately, asset freezes, visa bans. There could be, certainly, disruption of any of the normal trade routine. There could be business drawback on investment in the country.


      KOHN: There's an old Russian proverb: "To spite my mom, I'll freeze my ears off."

      Danielle, aren't Republicans systematically undermining the president, trying to spite the president, but in effect hurting America's standing in the world?

      PLETKA: First of all, I think polling shows uses that the president has done more to hurt our standing in the world than the Republicans at this point. But that's immaterial.

      First of all, let's get a little bit of history straight. John McCain, who you guys have been showing on endless loop criticizing the president on Ukraine, ripped George Bush's head off on the issue of Georgia, so did Lindsey Graham, who's also been on your screens, mercilessly and without a lot of attitude from the Republican White House.

      So, no labeling them hypocrites. I'm sorry, they're people of principle. And I was in the same place, I agree wholeheartedly.

      Bush made a pathetic showing in Georgia, I think it was one of the things that encouraged Putin to believe with an even weaker president, he could go further.

      Second of all, these aren't games. It's always lovely to talk about American domestic politics as if it's somehow more important than the lives of the Ukrainian people or the Syrian people. Let me tell you, these are not games for the Republicans or the Democrats who are standing up.

      KOHN: I wasn't saying this is a game at all. In fact, the difference --

      PLETKA: You said it was a game in your open.

      KOHN: Well, the difference here is that once upon a time we have this sort of gentleman's and gentlewoman's agreement --

      PLETKA: No, we didn't.

      KOHN: That our politics ended at the water's edge.

      PLETKA: Rubbish.

      KOHN: And instead of getting behind the president and together as a country uniting to deal with this crisis, Republicans are out there undermining the president's leadership in the world.

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    • if so, well....pretty funny and can't be taken very seriously imho...unless they want the end of the world scenario and total world chaos....hmmmmm....the probably is what these idiots want...why more government anywhere but the one you establish in your own backyard as everything glows a pretty color.....of course, you notice, there is no reply on how "Mitt" would have handled any of this........but hey, if people do want to go to war, lets have those who advocate it GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE....they can lead the charge...its only fair....I think.....rather then letting someone else's kids do the dirty work for you......I agree though, Obama is no different than these GOP creeps...once these guys get in there they keep with the same policies for the most part...whats really funny is like you say, the ring wing wackos don't seem to notice this at all.....LOL!...too funny....its really time to start voting for an independent 3rd party candidate that won't abide by the shadow government that is really running things......until then, we the people will suffer and debate nonsense rather than what really should be done.....take a stand, and stand by it.....I no longer support Obama, but I will never support a GOP candidate either....its the only way any REAL change will happen....

    • Blue - who has called for military intervention? I've hearted no one seriously suggest it. The point is that Obama's ineptness in foreign affairs is having real implications. Or worse, is that he wants a diminished role for the US in the world. So who's the idiot?

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      • Re: "...The point is that Obama's ineptness in foreign affairs is having real implications. Or worse, is that he wants a diminished role for the US in the world. So who's the idiot?

        nobeach, we have here a situation in which an invasion by the US was not launched and not even a shot was fired by any US military or by NATO or by any phony Coalition of the Willing, or any one else even as a country formerly part of the USSR (and right on it's border) threw out a corrupt, dictatorial President who was a very close ally of Putin resulting in Putin feeling that he had to deploy troops into Crimea in an attempt to create a sense of maintaining some kind of control!! And you see this as a reflection of Obama's ineptness in foreign affairs!!! So far, it looks like a fairly strong and important advance for the interests of the US and the West. And, again, at not even the cost of one bullet.

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      • It's easy for the simple minded to blame complex situations or evolving events on one thing or person. The world is a different place. Medieval minds have access to the most advanced weapons.
        Does Russia have the right to protect it's fleet in Crimea against a possible revolution gone wrong? We want modern trading partners but get all upset when they become wealthy and develop a mind of their own. We don't want third world countries to have arms but somebody is getting rich selling to them. I, could go on and on but I wasted enough time.

      • John McCain on CNN... try to keep up.

    • demetergreen Mar 4, 2014 9:07 AM Flag

      Blue-you do know that we've had a cold war with Russia for 60+ years. That the Ukraine was part of Russia during all these pols childhoods' but mostly they have Nukes and Putin has a huge ego. No one wants to goto war w/them or for them.