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  • xtowntraffic xtowntraffic Mar 13, 2014 4:54 PM Flag

    God bless the Affordable Care Act

    My family wants to thank all good Americans,thank you.

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    • your family are govt leeches like you?

    • The fact that our command/control liberals seem unable to grasp is that their policies do not work to do what they say they want to do. They claim to want to eliminate poverty, but they have waged a war on it at tremendous expense since 1965 but have more poverty than ever, due to their promotion of handouts from the government, instead of promoting self sufficiency and individual effort. They claim to want a vigorous economy but attack private business and glorify and increase government control, so that, as witness Obama and gang's miserable failure in this regard, they prevent the development of a vigorous economy. Their policies produce more dependence on government, more on food stamps, more on no work or part time jobs, and less opportunity for the young people. And in health care, they fail again, increasing costs for most americans, especially for those who work, and reducing quality and availability of service. Like the pigeon Putin is supposed to have analogized to negotiationg with Obama, they #$%$ on the chess board, knock over a few pieces and then strut around loudly proclaiming their victory and achievements.

    • i don’t get anything for free.
      i pay for my families aka bill.

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    • For everyone getting "free" health care, there are 10 who lost theirs..hardworking, middle class people who support the Elite Politicians like Obummer and his clan as well as the leeches.

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      • Just a little bit of information. Many friends who lost insurance did so because they would have to pay more in premiums and could not afford to do so and the company did not wish to pick up the slack. After tidying up the financial statements, I was required to support the Vice president of the firm, who was going to give a speech to the entire staff. I came out to show support for the vice president of the firm. He was swinging a bat with a baseball cap on and gave an upbeat speech about how the company had some great things in the pipeline. However, he told the employees that no one would be getting a bonus or a raise and was expected to work longer hours to help get the new product line completed. He said that he would make it up to everyone and would be giving bonuses based on performance during the final quarter of 2014. That day, I wrote a bonus check to the vice president and customer service supervisor, who was his friend. They also advised the staff that they could no longer cover the 60/40 split with regards to the insurance premiums and would now be doing a 80/20 split. When I brought this up during the meeting with the VP, he said that the economy was still suppressed and that he could not afford to give raises and bonuses and said that the staff seemed to understand and were upbeat about the future. I asked about his bonus and he responded by saying that this was the bonus he has always gotten and plans his personal activities around receiving the bonus. He then said that if he gave a an increase to any other staff members, the word would get out and they would all want one and productivity would be effected. So no raises or bonuses. However, his bonus and his supervisor friend netted $ 550,000 plus. This goes on across the board. Many top earners losing their insurance because the company does not wish to cover the difference and are not willing to have their salaries or bonus affected by the depressed market.

    • yea - all the families who don't have to pay for it!
      you Dems are dumb as dirt......
      the devil blesses the Unaffordable Care Act

    • You're welcome, but a thank you is not necessary, because affordable health insurance is a right, and should be a made vailable to all Americans.

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      • How about automobile,life,pet insurance,should those
        and many other "benefits" be considered a right?

        Your exactly what has gone wrong with our country,
        you want to consider so many things a right,but those
        of us that pay for those so called rights are getting
        weary of pulling that cart,Free Obama phones,2.5 BILLION
        in 2013,section 8 housing (government pays 90% of rent)
        utilities payments,earned income tax credits,free college
        for low income,47 million on food stamps,it's going come
        to an end when the taxpayers that work are finally UNABLE
        to continue to pull that heavy wagon,even unemployment
        for 99 weeks,when it use to be 26,why should they look for work?

        Enjoy the free ride while you still can.

      • Health insurance is not a right,, someone has to pay for it,, do you think I'm going to work for chickens,, I did not spend 300k and blood sweat and tears, long hours,, missing my family just to work for free,, either you pay me or go sick or better yet go to some POS clinic where you get treated by a nurse, who can misdiagnose you and you die,, there are not enough doctors to go around so many patients are going to suffer ,the sick and the old,, cannot get proper medicines, care, testing and home health,, It is designed to kill off the sick and the old,, just wait a couple of years and see how you like it,, care is getting worse not better,, Odumbocare does nothing for patient care and that is a fact coming from a doctor that is in family practice and ER medicine,, I see denials in patient care new and coming every day,, it is shameful and horrible,,

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      • Get a #$%$ job!

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    • bump to #$%$ off the red necks