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  • camvest camvest Mar 30, 2014 5:34 PM Flag

    Clash of personalities


    Do you people know how boring it is to hear you talking about yourselves. This message board is a complete waste because azzolays like bearshite and fighterpooplet monopolize the space with verbal masturbation. Why don't you all #$%$! unless you have something relevant to say.

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    • Re: Clash ............

      This inquiring mind would like to know if the german intelligence-trained führer's relatives were ever involved with human medical experimentation or committed atrocities during WWII ? He paints a touchy-feely life in the united states, on a penny story stock yahoo message board.

      fighterpilot, 7-May-12 09:37 am
      Deme you know my German background in intelligence. It was my area of expertise, I have explained the situation to so many friends, but the last thing a lot of those folks like to do, is to listen to those who are experts in a certain field. They rather hear what they like to hear and there are plenty who want to get elected or sell their paper.

      fighterpilot • Mar 28, 2014 20 minutes ago
      I might be willing to settle with you. With him NEVER EVER. His character is more than rotten. Too rotten to cure. I just give you one little example. My father after the war, despite the fact that he was a high ranking army officer was treated by our former enemies like the British and the Americans with utmost respect. Maybe you can come to a valid conclusion leaving the likes aside.

      fighterpilot, 17-Apr-12 01:03 pm
      keep let me ask you a question What do you not understand on such a simple story. There is this FIGHTERPILOT from Germany, smart and good looking. He marries into a vast fortune of oil, farming and banking and he becomes an investor after he retires from the military. Are you really THAT stupid to understand such a simple story which as I have stated before was featured in an old Playboy Magazine, which is right here in my desk.

      Reply to OK just a simple question? by dhparsonsjr1 •Nov 9, 2011 5:09 PM
      FIGHTERPILOT • Nov 9, 2011 6:33 PM
      " your life is better of course "
      You did not hear that from me, I just know that my life is good and it was good when the German Playboy wrote about me as a guy who has everything. Not even that long ago they wanted to write a follow up, I denied. I was afraid beside a few other things , that this flashy journalist was more interested in my daughter than in me. He has one of those twisted mustaches, going up to his ears. But it sounds bigger than it is. All it was that we brought every year a bunch of journalists to Sheppard AFB including this Playboy guy and he just made a big story out of this poor FP who married a pretty, rich American girl. But the way he wrote it was fun and I still keep that magazine to show my wife, how she was thinking about me back then.
      She regrets every word she said. Too late, LOL LOL