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  • fighterpilot fighterpilot Apr 13, 2014 1:07 PM Flag

    Just so you know


    1. Many of the nations most highly Medicare reimbursed doctors are ophthalmologists. Many of them receive millions of dollars each year from the government program treating AMD with Lucentis.
    Each dose of lucentis costs about $ 2000. One ophthalmologist received $ 11,8 million from Medicare Part B from lucentis reimbursements.

    2. Genentechs sales are close to $ 2 Billion

    3. In 2010, Lucentis accounted for nearly 10 percent of the entire Medicare part B drug budget, the program's single largest expenditure

    My question is:

    Could there be a huge interest in seeing ACTC fail, could there be a huge interest in discrediting the lead scientists Dr. Lanza. The guy with the sandals.

    Could there be an interest to slow down the trials ????


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    • Fighter --- pay no attn to Keep-----Has a bug up his backside..
      Yes, it is relevant info.....So do you think Genentech has the gumption or the wherewithal to hold ACTC at bay and run it aground? A 2B company shelling out a lot of moolah to put the kibosh on the hopes and aspirations of a 0.2B company and it ardent supporters.......You've earlier said that it may be May of this year before we see any light at the end of the tunnel.....Still think that?

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    • Fighter, just so you know, nobody really cares to hear about your imaginary stories, instead try posting something that contains facts once in a while.

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      • Re: ....... just so you know......

        "Just use your thumbs"

        fighterpilot • Mar 02, 2014 5 minutes ago
        I can tell that a bunch of dip(s)hits would like to communicate with me, but those times are over. Get over it. Just use your thumbs

        The altruistic, german intelligence-trained führer is on a mission; he will eventually remove/delete self-incriminating messages.

        fighterpilot • Apr 11, 2014 3 hours ago
        And by the way, my wholesale removal of posts is a response to your endless obsessed stalking and exploitation of any information about myself and my family. I just wish that my father who has died many years ago and was about as remote to any war crimes as it can get , from location to his character and mindset about Hitler, can put a curse on you from heaven. And further, not every German was born in Germany and this might just include me. FOR YOUR INFORMATION TO EXPLOIT AND DISTORT.

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