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  • fraud_z_buster fraud_z_buster Apr 24, 2014 9:18 PM Flag

    The TRUTH about Cliven Bundy's comments

    First off Cliven Bundy is a victim of political correctness gone awry and prog racism drum beaters clamoring to what they misconstrue as a "gotcha" comment. But when Mr. Joe Biden in a black congregation said "they gonna put ya'll in chains", that wasn't racist, because it was politically correct and not offensive to the black audience. How duplicitous these dishonest prog media is. Mr. Bundy spoke the TRUTH about the Govt. Welfare mentality progs have imposed on blacks and other ethnic groups. Mr. Bundy further spoke the TRUTH about the diminishing freedoms ethnic groups are subjected to.

    The Dishonest media did not bother to publicize ALL of Mr. Bundy's comments, which is consistent to what some respectable Black men like Mr. David Clarke have said about prog policies and its damaging effects in black and other ethnic communities.

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    • Is there anything Republican that you don't support? Anything at all?

    • fraud, Bundy is an ignoramus nut case.

    • Let's get one thing straight, the Federal Government used to be fine for telling people what to do back in the good old days when it told some people they had to be slaves!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "Let's get one thing straight, the Federal Government used to be fine for telling people what to do back in the good old days when it told some people they had to be slaves!!!!!!!"

        Make no mistake, the process has been modernized and you are the perfect example of one who is still told what to do...regurgitate puff po and the other purveyors of propaganda and falsehood. The only difference is, ya now have a nice name, PROG......bwahahahahahaha

    • The truth is the govt decided a desert tortoise needs thousands of acres to survive. Who cares what he says about blacks, he's not elected-and what does that have to do with his stand-off with the govt?

    • Fraud, defending the indefensiable makes you look like a bigoted knucklehed, but it's something we knew about you already anyway.

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      • Keep, I appreciate ya thoughtful response to my take on Mr. Bundy's thought provoking comments race provocateurs like yourself deem racist. In fact it is "conscious and substantive" exchanges like these, that lead to awareness, that ultimately can lead to change in the mechanics of progs/America's mentality. That being said, What race provocateurs like you do not want to admit is the reason we are seeing more disruptive behavior in America, perpetrated by our corrupt elected legislators. These abhorrent corrupt behaviors, which is mostly politically motivated, can be attributed to, and is manifested by liberal policies, which are poor and ineffective, leading up to the events that targeted Mr. Cliven Bundy.

        These ineffective liberal policies of progs can be seen in the black community and the school system serving these communities. These ineffective prog policies translate to the decay in ethnic communities, where unemployment, high crime and other moral decadence is running rampant, as Mr Cliven Bundy poorly articulated or tried to point out.

        Take our schools as a quick example, there is a government program today for everything in the black community that used to be the responsibility of the individual, such as parenting. Because of this system, many parents have abdicated what is their most important responsibility and turned it over to the government. Prog ineffective policies manifested in the black community, is now raising their kids, like Mr. Bundy poorly articulated, generations sitting around their govt. funded section 8 homes/apartments with no meaningful activity or hope for self subsistence.

        It has led to loss of FREEDOM, depravity and abject poverty in the black community, but race provocateurs like you dare not to talk about the TRUTH and the obvious, but when the Cliven Bundys of America poorly articulates this evil perpetrated on blacks and other ethnic folk, it becomes a race provocateurs racist fest. Search ya souls, racist progs.

    • Congratulations for finding a way to get even lower than you've been before. Did you use a diamond tip drill, some T&T or did you just keep gnawing with your little rat teeth? Becoming an apologist for new low for you Fraud man.

      BTW.....they did publicize all his made it worse....every word made it worse. A total disgrace you and he are.

    • Thank you for confirming that you are a racist POS with no clue about the real America. You are an old, bigoted racist and the world will be a better place when both you and Cliven are wondering why it's so HOT.