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  • ccf11777 ccf11777 Jun 6, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    Here is what everyone is missing

    That patent that was just approved for NED ( non embryo destruction ) is ( believe it or not ) worth more than the whole rpe program, why you ask. Here is the scenario, the TLD paper comes out in a week or a month or two. The results as we already know are stellar, it will be in a peer reviewed publication, like the NEJM, or the Lancet, and edified by the very top notch surgeons, that did the injections, here and abroad, and therefore irrefutable. Conclusion; embryonic ( NED ) cells are more powerful and they work. So we own the patent, drum roll. NOw say the thousands of universities worldwide want to teach stem 101 they order 1 million of our NED cells, and they have to pay a royalty say $ 5.00 dollars per cell, in addition ANY of the 300 stem cell companies that want to do research, ( and find any cures ) they have to pay royalties EACH AND EVERY TIME FOR RESEARCH AND PRODUCT THEY BRING TO MARKET. You do the math, that patent is worth more than apple!!!! The paper comes out reakl soon, income begins immediately, cause everyone will have to pay the piper or deal with the conflict of religion, or abortion, and if you want the safe, best in class cells you have to come to us. It's like if you want Gate's software , EACH AND EVERYTIME HE GETS ROYALTIES there ain't no difference, this will happen quickly.

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    • Thanks for posting.

    • Which NED was approved?

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      • The filing appears to be for hESC originating from this type of NED process. It will then apply to all NED that originate from this process. That is my understanding as a layman. NED produced under this process should then be covered by this patent (if my understanding is correct). Hope to hear from those that are in the better know than myself.

    • CCF may have hit the nail on the head but I don't think most folks are going to come running. There are a number of approved ESC lines they can use for their research. And $5 PER CELL is a ludicrous number, pure fantasy. We might get $5 per 10,000 or something like that.

      Our real value that people will understand is when the formerly blind start to see again. Like the guy in Texas who went from 20/400 to 20/40 and stunned even Lanza. Imagine what the 20/100 cohort is going to show!! Perfect vision in some cases? Not out of the realm of possibility because their rods and cones were not so compromised by the death of sections of the RPE layer. For some, it will mean a new life. For others, an improvement in what they are able to do but still poor vision (the first ladies treated continue to improve. Imagine what 150k cells in the other eye might do for them. They only got the 50k injection in one eye.)

      8-10 million folks right here in the USA, 30 million world wide, need this treatment. Imagine $10,000 per eye. You do the math. And our longer-living population, the exploding baby boomers retiring and getting older, many, like me, who have AMD, will be an increasingly large market. I just wish they would hurry those trials along before my vision is any more compromised. They're screwing around and taking too long. However, they are clearing the decks of toxic financing's legacy. I'm resigned to a massive R/S unless Monday's CC blows the barn doors off. Which is still a distinct possibility.


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      • I agree but don't expect the call to "blow the barn doors off"...Has that EVER happened? No. What will happen if we run up to the call is a manipulated HFT sell off of any gains from that day and a bit more to take out any clockwork...nothing is EVER announced on the calls no matter how much we talk like it will...If you are a trader sell off right before the call and buy back on the pullback...this is a VERY long term money is going to be made for 5-10..but if you can hang that long, you will do well...

      • What would you pay if you were going blind? What would you pay for your son/daughter if they were? This ever gets to market, sky is the limit.

    • I believe that you have hit the nail on the head in regard to the implications of the patent and the filing!