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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Jun 15, 2014 12:42 PM Flag

    Refute this global warming #$%$!

    Someone Tell the Record Polar Ice Cap It Should Be Melting
    May 15, 2014

    James M. Taylor, J.D.
    James M. Taylor is managing editor of Environment & Climate News, a national monthly...

    The Southern Hemisphere polar ice cap for the month of April 2014 surpassed its greatest April extent in recorded history. The new record extends a long-term expansion of the Antarctic ice sheet that defies alarmist claims that global warming is or should be melting the polar ice caps.

    Ironically, the record Antarctic ice extent occurred as global warming alarmists released a paper claiming recent global warming has now made it inevitable that Antarctica will lose its ice cap nearly 1,000 years from now. The establishment media has given the alarmist paper extensive and uncritical press coverage, even though objective scientists have pointed out glaring flaws in the paper. For example, objective scientists question why recent warming has put the Antarctic ice sheet past a tipping point when the ice sheet has survived many warmer periods in the past.

    Satellite instruments measuring the precise extent of the Southern Hemisphere polar ice cap report the polar ice cap has been steadily growing for decades. Moreover, the combined extent of the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere polar ice caps have been above the long-term average almost uniformly since 2012.


    To prove that facts mean nothing to the loons, remember after Katrina how the global warming zombies said

    that from now on the hurricane seasons were going to more violent due to global warming? The real experts, hurricane-ologists, said no, hurricane seasons are cyclical and we were now due for milder hurricane seasons. Well guess what? The nutty global warming loons were wrong the experts, real experts, were right. Did this proof deter the loons? No, it did not. Instead, they doubled down and said last year all of the Artic ice was going to melt. Well guess what? Last year we had one of the earliest freezes in Artic history, a record winter in the northern US and the Artic added 50% more ice. Did this deter the loons? No, it did not. Proving facts mean nothing to a loon. They hate facts and reality. They love living in an alternate reality.

    The Washington Post (Hardly a right wing rag)

    Atlantic hurricane season begins Sunday: Will record streak without major hurricane landfall end?

    By Brian McNoldy

    May 30 at 10:55 am

    After a six-month break, hurricane season is here again. It is expected to be a relatively quiet season, but that does not mean we should let down our guard; just a single landfall at a vulnerable location can be a major disaster.

    Some very lucky years

    The U.S. has been extraordinarily fortunate lately: we have not been witness to the fury of a major hurricane (category 3 or higher) landfall since October 2005 when Wilma hit southwest Florida as a Category 3 storm. (Other countries have not had such good fortune these past few years. )

    Since the hyper-active 2005 season, the U.S. has had just six Category 1 and 2 hurricane landfalls: Humberto (TX), Ike (TX), Gustav (LA), Dolly (TX), Irene (NC), and Isaac (LA). Sandy was not technically a hurricane at its NJ landfall, and if it were, it would have been a Category 1 storm.

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    • For a source of alarmist, left-wing, liberal propaganda, try the United States Navy.
      They have been keeping detailed data on the thickness of polar ice since the launching of SSN 571 Nautilus in 1951. This is vital data for the surfacing of nuclear submarines in polar regions. This data shows conclusively that the mean thickness and volume of polar ice has been decreasing ever since they began collecting data. At the North Pole, you have an ocean surrounded be continents. At the South Pole, a continent is surrounded by oceans. What happens at the South Pole is that when continental glacial ice melts and flows to the sea, this fresh water freezes at slightly higher temperatures forming a thin veneer of surface ice moving out from the continent which increases or decreases in area from year to year. However, the total volume (thickness) of polar ice including, both sea ice and continental glacial ice has been decreasing at an accelerating rate. Data becomes propaganda when you pick and choose only those bits of data that support your political agenda. For truth, one must consider the totality of the data over an extended period of time. Don't believe me. Ask your navy.

    • the heartland institute..... pathetic

    • Lonesome: The misguided members of the Obama gang of socialists/communist commander controllers are unlikely to admit the truth that the polar ice cap at Antarctica is growing since in conflicts with their policy of supporting the fraud of man caused global warming in whatever way possible, in order to gain more power and control over everyone's lives.

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      • Re: "socialists/communist commander controllers are unlikely to admit the truth"

        rodent, you are in such massive denial of truth that your own commander-controllers have given up even trying to communicate with you and have already thrown away the string and tin cans.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Some believe that when the Soviet Union fell the communists (Democrats) fell into a dark well of despair but soon recovered and tried a different tack. They would now pursue a hoax based upon environmental hysteria. They would push the bankrupting of capitalist nations through massive spending on the false claim that the sky was falling. Once bankrupt, from the ashes, shoulder to shoulder, the workers would arise to form a communist utopia.

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