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  • info4netdata info4netdata Jun 16, 2014 5:31 PM Flag

    Any Icell Members here...

    Please pass this onto sixcentacup in the thread called WIN WIN:

    Sixcentacup "i'm not worried about bankruptcy or a lowball buyout because a court would never allow either "

    WOW...just to show you how dumb you really are..I had a stock called ON2 and you can check the website as well. We were a $3.00 stock and over a year or so they knock it down to about est. .25 cents or so. There was even some talk about google buying us out several months prior but management was not talking. We knew we had a great product since they had a video compression software that could save google billions of dollars a year with bandwidth and we were working with adobe but suddenly we weren't. Anyways, down to about quarter and my average was about .70 cents....the day before the cc to announce their first ever earnings which would have sent the stock flying....the day right before that....On 5 August 2009, Google offered to acquire On2 Technologies for $106.5 million in Google stock or .60 a share....of course we are furious cause we expect way more because of the money we would save google. So they had a vote and it was turned down....meanwhile shares are trading like crazy and there are new shareholders who bought real even though we said no to the price On 7 January 2010, Google increased its takeover offer to $133.9 million and all the new shareholders who wanted to make a quick buck voted for I guess and implied they would keep voiting..since we never did receive information on the vote results except that we lost for an additional 24 million. The management moved over to work for Google and the long term stockholders got the shaft. It all there on the internet so google it....the courts can't stop it....and this sure feel like a repeat to me...oh yeah....on2 peak price was $40 a share....and a market cap of 1 don't tell me it can't happen and being bought out by the big guys usually don't work out for the shareholders but makes the management rich.

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    • Info, ON2 is about to make google a mad fortune. As they roll out Google Internet that is the technology that allows Google to speed the internet up to mind numbing speeds. I think in ACTCs case there are so many long-term big picture (and broke) shareholders that a suitor would have to pny up in the neighborhood of 75c to take it out. Still not the $3 we would all like, but that was several dilutions ago.

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      • .75 maybe....but it could be a lot lower. They always look at the premium over the current price not the past price or what it is was worth several months ago. I know it sound wrong but lets get back to reality. Google "On2 Shareholders Sue To Halt Google Acquisition" and that didn't even stop it. To me this is what is happening now....and the buyout price will suck. Not saying I won't get even but I won't make the fortune I hoped for.

    • I suppose the difference is a 55 billion dollar market, EVERY year. mgmt knows this and that is for just one disease, nice try though, so how much do you get paid t bash this stock??

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      • I have been here a lot longer than you and like many true longs very much underwater over 60% and wanted to call out sixcentacup who thinks he know it all...the stock market is a lot different now than 30...20...even 10 years ago. True long term shareholders lose most of the time and the sec and the courts can't really do that much.