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  • freddyaophelps freddyaophelps Jun 20, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    A Mule compared to a Thoroughbred? Apparently keepee loses money at the track to-

    THOROUGHBRED- AMD-207 improved 20/400 to 20/40• Improvement has persisted through follow-up visits ( 1 year)
    SMD-001 improved from HM to 20/500• Improvement (with further gains) has persisted through follow-up visits ( 2 year)

    MULE-• Interim results also indicate improvements in visual function, as measured by the ability to distinguish shades of light versus dark, also referred to as "contrast sensitivity."
    • Contrast sensitivity was improved in four of the seven patients and remained stable in the other three patients.

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    • As with any thoroughbred we are just waiting to see the "papers", and using some more ranch land lingo, that will be "the nut cutting". Which horse would you pick, the one that can tell the difference between midnight and noon or the one that can see the finish line?
      THAT difference is why all the bashers are here.