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  • ryanplume ryanplume Jun 21, 2014 5:50 PM Flag

    ACTC will build up to a new 52 week high.

    Like some of you, I've been trading ACTC for awhile - about three or four years, back when Bill Caldwell was CEO. As shareholders, we've certainly seen some turbulent times with ACTC. Over these years we've seen some incredible dilution, three different CEOs (interim or otherwise), several bankruptcy scares, and a slew of lawsuits against the company. But somehow, the company has pulled through these challenges. Since Ted has taken the helm, he has been doing a lot of house-cleaning to prepare this company for something big - he's cleaned up and re-stated the financials to ensure their accuracy, resolved the remaining legacy legal issues, and submit ACTC's trial data to a prestigious scientific journal for review.

    Just a week or so ago after the A/G case was settled and the last of the legacy legal issues were resolved, we saw the stock tank to a 52 week low and enter the .04's. Today, we're already nearly back into the .06s.

    Some traders (particularly keep_investing) are disgruntled because they made the decision to buy and hold this stock through all of these turbulent times and events. Some have traded this stock over the years and have seen both great trades and terrible trades. Regardless of what class of trader you fall into, I want you to completely neglect the past and look at where ACTC stands today and where it's heading.

    Today, we have a company that is on the verge of announcing trial results in the near future that, according to various leaked information, is phenomenal. ACTC has (as it's been suggested) developed a treatment that stops AMD dead in its tracks, and often times even improves visual acuity -- 20/400 to 20/40 in at least one case.

    We have a company that has no further legacy legal issues and a patent and research portfolio that is industry-leading. The risk of bankruptcy is now lower than its ever been, and the potential for a JV is the highest its been and will likely continue to rise. [continued]

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