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  • joes765 joes765 Jun 22, 2014 7:09 AM Flag

    playing the waiting game

    I remain willing to wait and hold my shareholder position with actc. The path to making this a successful and a respectable small biotech is certainly clearer now than a year ago. Despite the high price paid to resolve legacy issues, it appears healthier to put it all in the past for the sake of progressing forward unemcumbererd.

    Peer review of a paper takes time. Just that simple. If data is to be significant, it has to be credible. Publication in a top journal will both advance widespread dissemination of any solid results and offer the backbone of its validity. This is worth waiting for.

    I added to my position on last week's dip. Even without direct knowledge of the data yet, the management team with their B of D would not be going to these great lengths for nothing. World-renowned eye institutes, resolution of SEC matter, resolving the lawsuits, new CEO search, Heffernan and Langer on B of D, and no safety issues to date, and sustained RPE cell layer engraftment...I believe Caldwell's term of low-hanging fruit is about ripe! Recall also Lanza had made a comment even a year ago that the patients were wanting their other eye treated as well.

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    • Re: I remain ........... I added to my position ....... I believe .....

      Inform friends and family. Don't let 'em mi$$ the ACTC boat, bus, plane or train.

      : )

    • I must say you boys have a lot of time to wait and speculate.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Joe,
      Well said. Beautiful Sunday here and just got back from my walk on the beach and I was thinking about everything you wrote during my walk. Trying to figure out how they are going to pull this off. Money up front? if so how much? Who could it be? Pfizer? GE? All arrows at the (IMHO )current time says Pfizer with the Roslin deal and the Pfizer withdrawal bid of 120 billion dollars. But don't count GE. But you never know there might a sleeper in there we know nothing about. Ted does not seem worried at all. They know the reults and are waiting to tell the world through the Peer Reviewed Medical Journal, I am praying it is NEJM, To see in print that it has HALTED the disease and as a bonus patients have gained a good percentage of Visual Acuity. They are not the same company since June of 2013 when Ted came on board. When GR was let go it was definitely a change in the tide. Best of luck to you and all longs