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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jul 3, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Not that I want to rain on anyone's parade here, but.....

    isn't this financing HIGHLY DILUTIVE???????? I mean, nice to have access to "funding"? but it seems to come at a cost to shareholders.......however, its nice to see the positive reaction to it though.....I really think this means their science here is legit if they can just get the funding to see it through....

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    • They can only sell shares that have been authorized. Which means they are likely selling those that have already been authorized. My guess is most people already counted the "authorized" shares in their thoughts and calculations when thinking about total outstanding shares. I did, assuming that they would eventually sell those authorized-but-not-sold shares in the market. They are an early stage biotech firm with no revenue. That is what they do.

      If they need to issue even more shares...they have to go back to shareholders with a vote...which might not turn out the same this time.

    • We won't know for three trading days to confirm a positive reaction-but you are correct-LP made money here before or they wouldn't have returned-I love that "commitment" fee to people we've done business with before-10mil shares speaks louder than a handshake here!!!